Marbles! Add Color and Sparkle. CHEAP N EASY

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Marble Fence 1

Trellis Fence Marbles 1
(Click to Enlarge Photos) As young, there was a marble collector in the area who had marbles in things. About 3, or so, years ago, I seen something similar to the marble collector’s idear… While I pinned. So, from those ideas, here it is. Only, I did just the tips of pickets. Thankfully, our nice neighbor had a drill piece that was PERFECT in size! 5/8. Dollar Store marbles-SEE THROUGH COLORED/stained like. Drilled holes. Pressed in. Some needed a lil more force. So, I covered with thick cloth (To prevent cracking), and hammered it some. Now, I just need to find red marbles… But, Bam! Done! You’re Welcome…

Also, Michael’s bird and birdhouses, painted and treated. Glued to fence and post tops. Also, 2nd photo doesn’t do justice. It was afternoon sun, on other side. Didn’t get a photo of it’s peek sparkle effect!
– For Cheap DIY Stained Fence Artwork Idea: CLICK HERE

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One response to “Marbles! Add Color and Sparkle. CHEAP N EASY

  1. Because... I'm cheap

    Such a cute idea! I’ve always wanted to do this. But I need a privacy fence first lol.

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