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Naughty or Nice Sign – Great idea to keep those Kiddos behaving!

naughtynicesignlogoClick to Enlarge

$3 DIY Christmas Project, helping to keep those Kiddos in Line!
Well, probably a little late for this post. But, with keeping busy with Customizing Mugs, I haven’t had time to post a lot!
So, here’s a late Christmas Decor Post. Naughty or Nice Sign! Customized mini jars, one says Naughty, other Nice. If your child is Good, they pick from the Nice jar, treats. If a Child is Bad, they pick one from the Naughty jar, Chores they must complete (Crumbled Black Paper with Chores written on them, to look as if it’s COAL… Naughty kids get Coal!). As you can see I have: Sweep, Dishes, Kitchen, etc. (Written in Metallic Marker on Black Paper). You can have things OTHER than treats, as well. Like: Movie, Xtra 20minutes up late, etc… And, Lose 1 Toy, Lose TV for the day, etc. for the Coals. Cost me a whopping $3 to make. Wood was $1, Jars, $1 each. Paint, Twine, I had on hand. Kids LOVED it! Also, this is previous photo (I stained the Twine to match the Hanging Twine.).


HALLOWEEN’S around the corner… GET IDEAS!

We have tons of Great Ideas… Including, some recently added ones. Now… With Halloween coming, my brain’s a ticking. So, Check Back for MORE To-Be ADDED Ideas!
Plus, 2 Newly Added Ideas
(… More to come!):

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Cheap Multi Paint Holder

Flower Paint Holder

Holds multi colors and stains. Makes projects easier and faster. easy to clean and reuse. CHEAP- Dollar store!
Great for when I was doing many projects… Especially, this one: Click Here for Multi Colored Corner or Accent Wall Piece

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Christmas Idears

It’s That Time Of Year, that I start getting Ideas… So, Keep Checking Back for NEW ONES!
I have a few I’m Currently Working On and More I Will Be Working On… SOON!

*** See a Graphic/Cutout you want? (For Example: Kissing Snowman/woman cutouts. Baby it’s cold outside cutouts. Etc.) 
(Bottom of page) about getting Original Images (Unstamped) *FOR FREE*!

It’s Beginning to look A LOT like CHRISTMAS!
Cheap and Easily Done! Most of Our Ideas, I try to do with Items we have lying around the house. Or bought for Real Cheap. Get Your XMas On… CHEAPLY!

EASY and CHEAP Paper Bag Cutout Decor:
All you need is paper bags (Cut open), pencil (Easier to edit), tape, red transparent tape, desired image. Larger images: Cut paper bags and lay out to desired size, flat. Tape together. With pencil, draw out image. Cut accordingly. Use red tape to give color in areas desired- Red nose/present ribbon. Hang on windows. Leave lights on at night, shut blinds. Enjoy cheap decorations.
(Yes, I realize the notes are backwards. As the hubs and kiddos pointed out… And laughed.)
Works for all holidays- Check out our Halloween Post!

Naughty or Nice?

$3 DIY Christmas Project, helping to keep those Kiddos in Line!
Well, probably a little late for this post. But, with keeping busy with Customizing Mugs, I haven’t had time to post a lot!
So, here’s a late Christmas Decor Post. Naughty or Nice Sign! Customized mini jars, one says Naughty, other Nice. If your child is Good, they pick from the Nice jar, treats. If a Child is Bad, they pick one from the Naughty jar, Chores they must complete (Crumbled Black Paper with Chores written on them, to look as if it’s COAL… Naughty kids get Coal!). As you can see I have: Sweep, Dishes, Kitchen, etc. (Written in Metallic Marker on Black Paper). You can have things OTHER than treats, as well. Like: Movie, Xtra 20minutes up late, etc… And, Lose 1 Toy, Lose TV for the day, etc. for the Coals. Cost me a whopping $3 to make. Wood was $1, Jars, $1 each. Paint, Twine, I had on hand. Kids LOVED it! Also, this is previous photo (I stained the Twine to match the Hanging Twine.).

Xmas Snowmen:
XMas Snowmen
Leftover 2x4s
Modge Podge
Printed aged looking Holiday Music Paper (Piano)
– OR Leftover Wrapping Paper
Buttons/ Beads
Socks for hats
Cut 2×4 to 3 different sizes. Modge podge paper onto. Glue buttons/beads on. Use sock as hats. (Buttons, I used Yarn. Place glue/modge podge on wax paper, then spiral yarn into circle, til size desired. Lightly smear glue on top. Left sit for a minute and keep moving (To prevent sticking to surface.) It hardened into a cute circle button.)
Don’t worry about being tidy modge podging paper onto snowmen! Some wrinkled, and they look cool and aged. Hats are made from old/singled socks. Some hung down, or I tied off top and cut it, to fringe. I’m sure you can make these much fancier, I just used what we had around the house. Kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt for pieces to build the snowmen. The kids knitted the scarves with the hand knitting craft technique… Showing, cheap can be fun, as well.


Upside down Tomato Cage
Garland/Tinsel Garland
Strand of lights (Same color as garland)
Twist ties
Made this under $5. Michael’s garlands 50% off. 1.99 and 2.50. Had tinsel garland laying around, and those cheap tomato cages, laying around. Lay tomato cage upside down. Tape end spikes of cage together to form point (Tree top). Wrap well with garland(s). Twisty tie into place. Wrap with lights. Twist tie into place. Wrap with one more garland, if needed. Plug in. Done.

SIMPLE. CHEAP. EASY. Favorite Christmas-y Tablecloth. Curtain Hanging Clips. Hang as XMAS Curtains. DONE! (Be sure to use a good tablecloth, not one that’s too plastic/stiff).

DIY Wall Art:
But, Baby, It’s Cold Outside– Leftover Faux Wood Shelf (Off our entertainment center). Measure and line up Painter’s Tape, to create Lines to spray paint. I used Satin Nickel Spray, did 1 layer (Looks great, it’s Shimmer Silver and you can STILL see wood grain). Used cutout letters, modged podged em.
Kissing Snowmen. Cutout Letters/Flakes/Snowmen. Modge Podged. (I will be making the “Since we no place to go” BIGGER! It’s too small.)

Reindeer with Ornaments on the Antlers. This image I found online for Free! I did a cutout, used another color for backdrop. Picture doesn’t show well, but, both, the deer and backdrop, are wood grain and the tan is actually burlap/canvas material. I may add red color/glitter/shimmer to the ornaments. The frame I had gotten for free, due to being broke. Just one smack of my hand, and it popped right back in to place! Making this FREE! Always keep those spare wood pieces and old frames.

Who doesn’t have extra Tinsel/Garlands laying around?! Simply cut and tape up. I will be having kids decorate about 5-6 ornaments (Paper or snowflakes work) to hang from branches/shelf. This is just a base ideas (As all on this site- Making it EXTRA CHEAP!). You can choose to Amp it with Xmas Lights, etc!

chandelierWrap greenage around. Mine was Cheap Dollar Store stuff, fancy can be used!
Wrap shiny red tinsel around.
Fish line string some Sparkly Snow Flakes and bulbs at diff. lengths. You can add shimmer too, with small reflective clear beads once and a while, in middle of line. When they move they’ll shimmer and sparkle.

Easy Mini Tree Decor:
Bend paper/light cardboard (12pk pop cardboard) into a point. Staple. Cut bottom straight, so it stands. Modge Podge/Glue as you go. Wrapping around yarn, of choice. Mine were: Green, tan, and a multi-colored one. Bottom one, I used WIRE ribbon. Which was a pain to deal with while using modge podge, didn’t work out. Then the idea of just stapling ribbon into rings, smaller to larger size rings, then, placing over cardboard.

Adding Sparkle
Add Sparkle! Because we have a cat, we can’t have tinsel on tree. Loving the turnout of using reflective tape for Halloween (Check out our Halloween Post), I wanted to think of some ways to use it for XMas. We bought plastic bulbs ($.50), filled it with the reflective tinsel, added reflective tape snowflakes on the front. Adding reflective beads (Jewelry) works, too. Add to tree, where lights are. Not only do the reflective taped snowflakes glare bright in light, but the tinsel reflects the lights. Adding sparkle. They have all colors, like gold and green. I used silver, because I have a white tree. You can also add these to snowflakes and place outside or inside for glares of snowflakes. I’m going to test tape cut tiny squares for our Mini Town’s windows to glare, vs. a whole mess of string lights. I have yellow, orange, and silver tape.
Not to forget the awesome job the kids did on the tree. Nothing’s better than a kid decorated tree!

Pencil Christmas Trees:
I shaved pencils, with a vegi peeler. Tied Ribbon around (Wire works great for holding branches into place). Cut to size (Longer at bottom going shorter to top.). I will be staining pencils, to amp beauty. Stuffed in candle holders using stretched cotton balls (Mocking snow).

XMas Town under the tree
christmastownundertreeCreate a Mini Town (Dollar Store has town items). I will have a train going around it, as well. Looks beautiful! DON’T Forget the reflective tape cut to fit squares of windows, to reflect light, without mess of plugged in lights!

Simple Little Things to Add the Christmas Feeling. Sparkling Snowflake Stickers added to Wall Art. Simple. Cheap. Beautiful.

Noel Sign.
Noel SignI took leftover board. Nailed Pop Tops on left and right of back, for hanging. Front I did a faux wood grain technique (Tool was cheap at lowes or menards- $3) in black paint. Once dry, I watered down deep red paint (I want to say 1 part paint, 3parts water, but start half and half first). I wiped it on board, let sit, wiped rest off- To allow grain to show thro. I then cut letters out, and painted them white with designs (Modge Podge fabric, wrapping paper, etc. will work, too). I then glued it to the back. AT FIRST, I had the letters taped, so after XMas I could switch out NOEL with our last name. Or you can do FAMILY, LOVE, PRAY, etc. But, the red didn’t fit our new paint color, so just kept it Xmas decor.

chainlink2014Give them paper. Have them do all sorts of scibbles, designs. etc. Cut into strips, make personalized chain link to hang.

Cookie Decorating:
cookiemakingCOOKIES! Old medicine container. Food coloring with little Water+ a pinch of Confectioners (Powdered) Sugar. Paint brushes. They decorated their cookies. (Mom makes icing with powdered sugar, vanilla, and water/milk, I believe. Easy!) I crush candy canes (Plastic bag + Hammer) and have choc. chips, as well, for decorating.

Felt Tree:
We bought green felt. Folded in half. Drew half a tree. Cut it, unfolded to make complete tree. We cut out circle felt pieces (Using smaller mason lids to trace) and misc. small pieces. Used glitter glue to decorate. Kids loved the craft and can now have a tree to play with and move the ornaments around… All they want! Felt sticks to felt, so NO NEED to glue or tack.. (I did tack the tree and stump to wall, tho.)

christmastownundertreeWe have an Advent. We place candies or monies inside each compartment. Each night a child takes a turn to open and hand out what’s inside. And, hangs the ornament up. Now, before we do this. We read a Christmas Story and an XMas Countdown Story (A Religious one that kinda explains the Time Line up to Christmas), every night in December. Each day our children take turns picking out the 1st book.  One countdown story, one XMas Story, and then the Advent, each night in December.

UN-Cooked-ies – Great for Gifts!:

This is such a GREAT Idea! Cheap. Easier than cookies. Because, you save yourself the cooking time. Not to forget, the burning is on them now!!! It’s much appreciated, especially, those busier people. We LOVE frozen prepped dough balls. You can choose to cook a few at a time, for quick treats. Or a whole batch! No more worrying if they’re gonna go bad. As they last A LOT longer! You can pre-freeze to save time, as well!

-Premake your favorite Cookie Dough recipe
-Line Parchment Paper with spoons of dough balls, spaced (I’ve used just plate with no problems). Freeze.*
-Once frozen, place into Freezer Gallon Bag.*
-Label bag with Type of Cookie, Temperature (Degrees), Time to Cook. NO NEED TO THAW! Do test batch to get correct timing (Frozen dough goes a little longer, not much, tho.)
-Place filled freezer bag in bakery store plastic container, decorated. Cookie tin or decorated mason/glass jar may work, as well. Just keep in freezer bag for freshness.
-Be sure to store on ice and let them know it needs to go into the freezer…
*You prefreeze, spaced, to keep them from sticking. If you just throw the balls into the bag, they’ll have 1 big cookie!

—Get the kiddos involved. Paint the containers. Do the handprint/footprint reindeer idea. Grandparents will very much appreciate a gift made for them to enjoy and the art they can save! Use mason jars and line outside with candycanes, modge modge wrapping paper to lid, bow on lid, old knitted sweater sleeves, cut and wrap around outside of mason jars, or knitted mason jar sleeve, add mini scarves around mason jar neck, etc. Decor ideas are endless… AND CHEAP!

Oh the Elfer! Elf on the Shelf: In which we all enjoy and have a good laugh. Our story is that Elfer is a new Elf. And is a bit hyper and naughty (He runs on Sugar!), tho he wants to be nice (Just gets things confused and wrong). It’s our kid’s job to teach him right from wrong. And show him love. A great tool to build humor, forgiveness, and to build their patience and teaching skills of what’s right from wrong. Not to forget, a great tool for behavior… Santa’s WATCHING! Below are a FEW of some ideas we’ve done. Our kids have great humor… Some of these may be too much for other kids. You know your kiddo, do what’s best for their personalities!!! Ex.) I wouldn’t buzz a little girl’s hair!!!

XMAS Eve… We hooked up the t.v. to the computer and did GOOGLE SANTA TRACKER! It tracks Santa. Any Santa Tracker works! The kids had a blast checking in on where he was and where he was headed! (Can you see the hidden elf?!)

Peppermint Cocoa!:
9 packs Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix
7 1/2c TO 8 1/2c Milk (Depending on Brand and Chocolate-ness)
3 Crushed Peppermint Candy Canes
1/4c Sugar
Crock pot, low for few hours. Great to start as you head out sledding!

Elf Making:
We draw, color, and cut out elves. We hide them in the house, as decor, with them peaking out. It’s cute, easy decor, and personalized! We also have fun trying to find the other’s elves.

*** Every Year XMAS TO DO List ***:
-See the XMas lights. It’s free and beautiful! (Xmas Eve!)
-SANTA Visit/XMas Celebrations. (Cities/Malls/COMMUNITY Centers/NATURE CENTERS usually do their XMas Celebrations on different days… Go to a few! Our Area has TONS of free kid activities!)
-Kids camp out by the XMas tree with movie and hot cocoa.
-Ice Skating
-Snowman Building
-Snow ball fight (Dad usually- We surprise attack him when he gets home)
– XMAS Movies- Hit up the Library.
– Good Deed (Leave care pkg. for Homeless: Gloves, Treats, Blessing Note, etc.)
-We do the Planting of Jelly Beans. Decorate cups and plant jelly beans. They start off as sucker sticks, then get bigger and bigger. Then grow into candy canes and suckers! Kids love it!
-Elfer comes December 1st! Sneaky Prankster pranks the kids every night!
-Train Rides (Dinner train ride is beautiful)
Crafts!: Do different days: Snow flake making, cookie making, decorated chain link, snowman competition, elf making, window snowflake painting (Tape of flakes use washable paint, watered down some, paint- Like Stain! Great idea from a wonderful lady!)
… Internet has MANY More ideas!

*** See a Graphic/Cutout you want?:
PLEASE READ: If a Graphic/Image Cutout is wanted: Email me, and I can send you the Original (Unstamped) FOR FREE! (For Example: Kissing Snowman/woman cutouts. Baby it’s cold outside cutouts. Etc.)  … BUT, ANY Graphic/Cutout from this Site or ones I send you, cannot be used for selling
(If you are making a DIY Project TO SELL, and would like the Graphic/Cutout as a stencil or cutout to use on it, that is fine!- I JUST DON’T WANT PEOPLE MAKING A PROFIT OFF THE Graphic/Cutout, itself!)
I strive to make my Site a Site that saves people money, and do not wish to see any fans of my work taken advantage of. Especially, when I provide the Graphics/ Cutouts here… FOR FREE! The ONLY THING I ASK is for a SHOT OUT (Link per each Image I send you. (If posting to an internet site, link with it. If not posting to a Website: A Shot Out on your Facebook Acct., will work!) A shot out with each Graphic used, please. Thanks in advance, we appreciate your help!

If you follow us, that will, also, allow you to view future Graphic/Cutouts/Signs I create, that are different from the typical ones provided on the internet!
I’m nice! Feel free to Email me any Questions you may have!!! (Email is Envelope, near-ish top/right of page.)

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EASY CHEAP Halloween Decorating – UPDATED AGAIN!

Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas
We have many other decorations, like White Candles dripped with Red Wax to look like blood. Bloody hand prints on mirrors, or BLOODY MARY written across it creepily, etc. But, below are some ideas you may or may not have thought of. Hope you find some useful!



This idea uses Highly Reflective Tape up against toilet paper roll, or ANY black paper. Draw and cut out eyes on toilet paper roll. Paint toilet paper roll black (I didn’t do in photos, they’re black now). Insert Highly Reflective Tape. Yellow or Orange work best! Or cut out eyes on reflector tape and place places (Staple to trees, etc.). This idea works great for us. Any source of light will light these babies up bright! Car driving by, flashlights, movement and sun/moon light. They last longer, No rebuying of glowsticks constantly, etc. We’ve also made a stuffed guy with a winter hat over the head. Cut out evil eyes. Placed tape under where the cutouts were. People loved it! It’ll be pitch black, semi dark, or light, and this tape lit right up! In gallery, I tried taking photos of all light types.
Now, I’ve seen the glow stick idea. Tried it, too. And if you are using the glowstick idea, put some REFLECTOR Tape inside to reflect light more. Because, you NEED TO use a bright stick. And the glow sticks don’t last that long. Ours didn’t do too well, especially since it wasn’t pitch black out. But, this idea works GREAT! Be careful not to scare/distract drivers!
ALSO: Spell out words on trees with tape strips (Die, HELP ME, You’re Next…, etc.) CHECK OUT GALLERY ABOVE FOR PHOTOS!


Click to Enlarge Photos
Leftover Valentines Sparkly Shimmering Hearts. Or more reflective tape. I cut mini circles. Used 3M wall hook tape. Stuck these to every picture in the house. Taped over pupils of ALL eyes. USE Sparkly, reflecting red! Shines, even across the room! Creepy effect. Shimmer red. Evil looking!!! I did Syrup Ladies eyes with Reflective Tape. Also, if no lights for your mini Halloween Town, add mini squares to the windows to reflect, looking like light, just an idea. More safe than wires or hot lights, too. CLICK PHOTOS to enlarge.




(I have to tweek clown, will do tonight. It’s a lil off)
Click to Enlarge

Paper bags taped together. Draw scary images of choice. Cut out. Clear tape to window. I used flashlight and taped bags to wall, outlined my kid’s silhouette, added creepy knife or upside down dolly, etc. Patio door we taped up paper bag and cut out pumpkin. Weapons I drew on cardboard, cutout, and used paper bag for strings. Keep lights on in house. Bam! Done! We also have a Christmas Idea of deer and elf, too! CLICK HERE for Christmas Idea
Also, to get the Red Look, use Red/Transparent, taped back to back, and cut to desired design. In a pinch, I used red streamers to it. Worked GREAT!


$2 each, to make these!!! I already had Modge Podge (Dollar store had small bottles!). I already had reflective tape. I bought a simple pumpkin for $1. Painted creepy face onto it with Perm. Marker. Added reflective tape in the eyes. Modge Podged pumpkin all around, except very bottom. Centered the pumpkin in the center and pressed the cloth onto the modge podge, so it fit tight. Let dry. Repeat Modge Podge. I was sloppy with it. Allow to dry. I had a hoop screw, to screw into heads for easy hanging. Skull, I did same thing. Looks awesome! Reflective tape lights up when little light hits it. CREEPY!


MILK JUG GHOST:  We had all on hand, but 2 items.
-Milk Jug – Reflective Tap – Outdoor compatible Modge Podge or Super Glue – Razor Blade – Halloween Decor Net/Lace (Dollar Store – $1) – Solar Light (Dollar Store – $1) – Hanger (Undone)
Glue Eyes to Jug (Reflective Eyes BLAZE UP when LITTLE light hits it). Cut top of Milk Jug, big enough to perfectly fit Solar Light. Cut Bottom of Milk Jug off… I cut in CREEPY Zig Zag (Light shines thro, giving creep effect).  Drill small holes (Hanger size) on left and right of jug- To slide hanger through, for arms. Modge Podge/ Glue Lace/Clothe on. I tied tight around arm chair to hold lace tight against glue and jug (Photo in gallery below) Once dry, I cut hole in cloth on top for light. Also, I cut Lace up some, to give creep effect. Through handle of jug, I used heavy duty Fish Line to hang up.  Our solar light has line design which gave cool lighting effect.
Photos of what it looks like, and to get idea of instructions: 

Curtain Clown. Nothing Creepier than a Clown hiding behind the curtain. Catches us off guard, EVERY TIME! Easy! Old Mask (Stuff w/ plastic bags to puff out). Old Green Garbage Bag (White w/ painted colored dots, can be used.) for body shape. Can puff out with plastic bags, or old Spider Web Stuff. Keep it light! Hang from curtain rod.


I took a dollar store skull. Brushed olive oil around it. Mixed 1 part flour, 2 parts water. Cut newspaper strips. Layered onto skull where I thought it would meet wall flat, pressed well to get creases. Once a couple layers, I left alone a day. I loosened it from skull some. I modge podged it. Carefully took off. It wasn’t pretty, but it works. I painted SAME COLOR as wall. Wait to dry. I used tape (I first stuck the tape to my pants then put onto wall… This makes for easier peeling off later, unstrengthens it some). I used medical tape and curved it smoothly from the skull to the wall, making for smooth flat surface. Paint over tape. Hands I used cardboard, traced and cutout hands. Painted. Once dry, tape to wall, only bottom, left, and right, so top popped some. Paint tape.
Now, I’m going to try just cutting the skull to fit flat to wall. Then taping and painting… Seems like much less work…

Dolly Dearest. Use old dolls. Paint face white, leaving eyes. Paint eye lid going downward to give creepy effect. I’m thinking about doing the Elfer Idea with this. With scary ideas (With OLDER kids, teens). Maybe have the doll hanging over them while sleeping with a fake knife. In bathroom sink with bloody hands. Or just randomly put it places. Like I said, the older kids…! Maybe get them to watch Chucky or Dolly Dearest first??? Or just use it for creepy decor.

Halloween Clown Face Clock. There are many clear Cling options at the Dollar Store! Just stick on and enjoy the creep effect! I’M ALSO going to cut a few to size and fit perfectly over the faces of our family portraits! It’s clear so you see our faces, but, distorted with creepiness.

This is a sticker from the Dollar Store. Looks pretty cool with the hardwood floor. Pictures don’t do justice! I did stick it to something and then stuck it to floor, to lessen it’s strength, in case needed for floor coating protection. I did it by the door (Where rug usually lays), as it’s a little worn from all the traffic there.

wallcockroachesDollar Store Rubber Cockroaches. I actually have more I’m going to put up! to fan out near top of them. Cool thing, I have a purifier near that blows on them, moving their legs, slightly.

Tree Face: This photo does NOT do this justice. It looks like it’s a part of the tree! Cheap $1 Dollar Store Mask. Add Reflective Tape to the Eye Holes (Reflective Tape Glares up with just a little light, giving creep effect). Looks fantastic, still gets me every time (Scares me!). And, we are moving Creepy Stalker Guy to another area. So, it’s just tree faces.

SAFETY BRACELETS and PENDANTS! During Trick Or Treating, not only do I make my children wear ALL sorts of Glow items (Glow necklaces, glow wands, glow in the dark gloves, and glow bracelets (Which I incorporate into my girl’s hairstyle, too. Making glowing hair pieces)… BUT, I also have a craft day where we can make bracelets and necklace pendants. 1 toilet paper roll makes 2 bracelets. I use HIGHLY REFLECTIVE SAFETY TAPE!!! (Reflects car head lights from far, drastically heightening the chance of your kiddos being seen!). They tape the different colored reflective tapes onto the toilet paper rolls. Then I cut. You can choose to tape around their wrist, or poke holes and secure with string, twine, etc. YOU CAN ALSO let them make necklace pendants. 12pk pop cardboard. Tape onto, cutout design, poke hole, string to make necklace. My son makes belt buckles (WWE), too. Kids enjoy making these, and parents can help to protect their children a little better. Please, don’t only rely on these. Educate your children on road safety. Excitement can get the better of them.

$1 each! Dollar Store. Now, I did fix the guy crawling on house. Making it more creepy… But, you get it. Randomly place these around house, on siding, garage doors, etc. Looks creepy, like creature crawling all over the house.

WITCHES BREW AREA! Cut grocery paper bags the size of printer paper, or use regular paper. Print different potion images found online for free. Vampire Blood, Swamp Fog, Fur of Werewolf, Snake Oil, Poison, Raven’s Cure, etc. Modge Podge on old bottles. Set up a Witches Spell/Brew area…. ORRRRRRRR:
—For parties: Use alcohol bottles and cover their labels (Or over back label, so no confusion), modge podging paper bag print outs onto the original labels. Each alcohol bottle will have a label on it. Example: Vodka will be labeled Poison. Jigger Jagermeister Liqueur has 3 Witches Owlette’s Wing label on it.
Have a spell book using drink recipes that you have available, using ingredients on labels of bottles!!!:
Death by Screw Driver:
1.5oz Poison (Vodka is labeled Poison)
6oz. Liquified Pumpkin Guts (Orange Juice)
Another printed spell that says:
Death by Jager Bomb:
1/2 can Energy of a Bull (Energy drink)
1.5oz 3 Witches Owlette’s Wing (Jigger Jagermeister Liqueur)
This idea can work for KID PARTIES, too. Have each labeled: Lemon-Lime Drink, Orange Pop, Pineapple. Have a spell print of how much of what to mix to make their own Kid Friendly Drink! (Also Pink lemonade, sprite, raspberry sherbet.) Find exact recipes online.
ALSO, the spell paper is printed on paper bag. I quickly took a lighter and lit around the edges, putting out the flame quickly, to give it a cool look. Be careful.

littlehalloweenframesCheap Dollar Store Photos! One of my favorites! They are normal picture people, then in the right angle, turn into monsters. $1 each. Also, Arrow signs. Orange, Black, White, Fake Blood painted/written: BOOlevard, DEAD End, etc. Also, Michaels 25cents plain small wood frames. Painted black. Printed images from internet: Skull, bones, etc. to fit the frames. To fill in pallet, and creepify it. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

I only have a photo of pre-tweeking. Bending arms, and such. But, you get the idea. $1 skeletons looked to be climbing things. Walls, tables, outside of house (Gutter), poles, trees, etc. Paint black if back drop is light colored, or else they’re less visible.

Hanging Skeletons: Dollar Store Skeletons, Painted Black. Then, sloppily paint Red. Let it sit a minute, then flip. Repeat on other side. Wait a minute or 2, then flip again… Onto crinkled plastic bag. I don’t wait for it to dry, laying onto crinkled plastic, gives cool creepy look. Hang Ropes around the necks. I hung many from trees, with creepy webbed skulls.

I bought a pair of arms ($1), I laid onto plastic bag. Spray painted Red (Arms I did a crappy job, and while STILL WET, I flipped to paint other side and flipped again, laying onto crinkled plastic… Gives cool look. PLUS, the arms are glow in dark, so some glow in dark peeks thro.) I nailed in long nails, in an upward position, and slid on arms (They had holes already in them). Easy Breezy.

I used our Onion Net, that comes with onions from grocery store. I used last year’s leftover spider web (It was clotty, you can do a better job with crisp stuff). Placed reflective tape on eyes, to give creepy glare at night (Lasts FOREVER!). Placed skull in onion net. Tied Twine/string/fish line to the onion net. Tied other end to tree limb. Spread web around to look at a Spider Nest with a Human Skull.

Not Pictured… GHOSTS!… Upside down tomato cage. Wrap with orange or red (White works, too) string lights. Draw big scary eyes on large WHITE garbage bags. Place over cage. Light up. You have GHOSTS!

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EASY Holiday Decoration DIY



All you need is paper bags, pencil (Easier to edit), tape, red clear tape, desired image. Works for all holidays. Bunnies for Easter. Pot O Gold for Patty’s Day. Pumpkin for Halloween. Flag for 4th Stripes, stars. Etc. For Halloween, I taped paper bags to wall, set up flashlight, had my kiddos stand in front of bag, and outlined their silhouette for personalizing decor. Except daughter moved a lot so had to improvise, reason she looks like Beavis/Butthead. For pumpkin, I covered patio door, drew desired pumpkin, cut out, taped securely to window.
Cut paper bags and lay out to desired size, flat. Tape together. With pencil, draw out image. Cut accordingly. Use red tape to give color in areas desired. Ex.) Red nose, present ribbon. Hang on windows. Leave lights on at night, shut blinds. Enjoy cheap decorations.
(Yes, I realize the notes are backwards. As the hubs and kiddos pointed out… And laughed.)

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