MEATLESS – Go BZerks for Zu Lil Jerks (Zerky Jerky – Zucchini Mock Beef Jerky)


This gets your salty fix of Beef Jerky, but WITHOUT the meat! We used the recipe for tTt’s Lil Jerks for these (We had ingredients on hand). CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE JERKY RECIPE! Looking forward to having some fun with this idea!

Our Recipe (Any fav. recipe will do!):
3 lb Zucchini, peeled deseeded cut in chunks
4c Water
Hi Mountain Seasoning’s Jerky Cure & Seasoning ORIGINAL BLEND:
–1.5T of Season Mix (Darker colored Powder)
–2T Cure (We “May” cut back a lil with next batch! Not sure.)
1.5tsp Cayenne Pepper Powder (Spicy!)
1.5tsp Liquid Hickory Smoke
1/4c Teriyaki Sauce

Choose your favorite Beef Jerky Recipe (May need to cut back on salt).
Hopefully, your recipe contains liquid of some sort. You will need some. Our recipe called for 4c water for Hi Mountain steak jerky marinade.
Peel, deseed, and cut zucchini into chunks. (First time, I did about the size of my thumb, but, will try bigger with next batch. Your choice.)
Bring recipe ingredients to a boil. Add in Zucchini chunks. Lower temp to simmer. Simmer for about 20 minutes.
Remove chunks from liquid and add to dehydrator tray (Yes, some are soggy, still use them!). Dehydrate for 12-18 hours. Once cooled some, place in airtight bag. Enjoy.
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