The Swiss Pig Rolls (Swiss Ham Rolls)

Soft Shell
Shredded Swiss Cheese
Ham Lunch Meat Slices (Thick)

4oz Cream Cheese
3-4T Sour Cream (I did 4)
1tsp Fresh Chives, minced

Mix cream cheese, sour cream, and chives in a bowl. Spread onto entire taco shell. Then, spread with drained salsa (*See Notes). Top with thick slice of ham (I halve to fit length). Sprinkle with swiss cheese. Roll. Fridge for 1 hour, or so (I wrap in foil til use. Usually overnight!). Slicing optional. Serve cold. Or SLIGHTLY warm (DO NOT warm too long. Test run it. These will ooze if not careful!). Eat as taco warmed, or slices for parties.

Salsa Note
: I use a fork to scoop out salsa. Place into seperate bowl, and drain excess juices. This helps preventing everything to be too runny, etc.
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