QUICK n EASY Apple Pies – Kid Approved

We’ve been making these for years! These are so easy. I know I posted this a long time ago… But, it’s too good not to re-post! This stems from Spanish Class making Fried Taco Shells sprinkled with Cinnamon/Sugar. Yum! Variations Below!

Soft Taco Shells (I used smaller ones)
Canned Apple Pie Filling
About 1tsp Cream Cheese per wrap

Coconut Oil

1/4tsp Cinnamon
1T White Sugar

Spread a line of Cream Cheese. Spoon on a line of Apple Pie. Fold in sides and roll. Heat Coconut Oil in pan. Brown each side. Mix Cinnamon and Sugar. Sprinkle around shell (Or roll in it).  Serve.
Optional to top with either: Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Sprinkles, Etc…

*** Other Ideas for these ***
– Use Cherry Pie Filling
– Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling
– Pineapple Banana
– Add some spice with the sweet Jalapeno Minced! What?!
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