tTt’s Trailer Trash Legs (BEST Buffalo Chicken)


Leg Marinade (For about 7 legs):
About 1/2c White Vinegar
About 1T McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning

Now, I eyeball it. I give a good shake of the Montreal to EACH SIDE of Chicken. I throw into a ziploc bag and add in an eyeball amount of vinegar. I mix around. Marinade about 1.5 hours.
CHARCOAL GRILL IS BEST!!! Grill/Cook them suckers. Mix sauce in large bowl. Toss chicken with Sauce. Eat!

tTt’s Buffalo Sauce (For about 7 legs):
1/3c Buffalo Sauce (I use store brand)
1/3c Louisiana Hot Sauce (I use store brand)

* Notes: Works for Legs, Wings, Chicken Breasts, all other Chicken Types. Vegatarian/Vegan Option: Bake Cauliflower, seasoned with Montreal. Toss with Sauce.
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