tTt’s Eggnog Texas French Toast – Repost

With Holidays around the corner, I decided to REPOST our Holiday Morning Favorite (Or Supper). As far as I can remember these were made for Us, then the Kiddos. A HIT! Just had some last night, seeing as they just brought back the Eggnog for this time of year.

Texas Toast Bread

Powder Sugar
Organic Maple Syrup (The best!)

Butter Cooking Spray Skillet. Whisk, well, together Eggs, Eggnog, and a lil Vanilla into a bowl (I eyeball it. It’s the same making french toast with eggs and a little milk). Dip each side of Bread into whisked Egg Mixture. Cook/Golden Brown each side.
Serve with Sprinkle of Powder Sugar and Organic Maple Syrup. BAM! Done…
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