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White Chicken Chili

Rotisserie Chicken, cut up, remove bones
2c Chicken Broth (Cubes+Water)
1 can Chili Beans, slight drain.
1 can Light Red Kidney Beans, drained.
1 can Butter or Northern Beans, drained.
2 cans Green Chiles, drained (Optional)
1 small Onion
1.5tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp Salt
1tsp Cumin
1tsp Oregano
1/2tsp Pepper
1/4tsp Cayenne
1/2c Tostitos Queso Blanco Dip *See notes

1c Sour Cream (Later)
1/2c Half n Half or Heavy Creamer (Later)

Prep Chicken. Add all, except Sour Cream and Half n Half, to Instant Pot. Instant Pot for 15 minutes. Allow to Natural Release for about 15minutes. Shut off. Stir in Sour Cream and Half N Half. Allow to sit 5 minutes.

*Notes: You can just add more Half N Half. Also, I swapped Butter Beans with Jalapeno Bacon Beans from Fleet Farm, it was amazing!