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Upcycled Bird Bath to Fairy Garden


Broken Bird Bath. I upcycled to Fairy Garden. Add Dirt (Make sure there’s drainage holes). River Rock Border. Dollar Store Items. Cut Succulents. ALL I NEED is Moss Filling (I’ll use fake), a Tall Small Place, a Hanging Vine (Cover broken back), and a few spruces up, like a window, a wind chime on the log house, and a solar rope light (Small twinkly ones) around the rocks, intertwined. I used Dollar Store Sea Shells for Roof of Log House. Now, for the ladies and I to do… Is, await the arrival of our Fairy Friends. (Broken Bird Baths are great for Flowers, etc. Many uses. Don’t toss! Add paint to really spruce this baby up.)

Upcycling to make Decorating CHEAP!

Kid's Playhouse Solar Light DIYUpcycling to make CHEAP decor. First, most, if not all, this stuff was free or DIRT cheap. Tons more to come, as I have a To-Do List of More GREAT IDEAS!
1.) Broken Solar Light Dragon Flies… Don’t throw the usable parts! I painted the dragonflies, drilled hole in tree, pressed in.
2.) FREE Electrical Motion Light at a yard sale. Painted. Removed bulb. Inserted CHEAP (Extra) Solar Light that I also painted (Photo of it lit below).
solarlightpost1Night View of the solar light in action.
3.) Leftover square stones to make a Tic Tac Toe entryway to the playhouse.

kidsplahouse2Upcycled kid’s bed frame for a walking way… Am painting this … Maybe. Free butterflies on playhouse. You can see the dragonflies on tree. Solar Bottles from Dollar Store. Plants were either Cheap, Gifts, or Free… Ask neighbors about their breaking up of plants. Our neighbors are AWESOME and provided us with Ferns, Hostas, and other plants.

gardenjune2015layout gardenjune2015layout2Also, here is our “Started” Garden of 2015. It’s coming along nicely, even after a harsh hail storm! Already had a few handfuls of Strawberries! Our Garden has tons of upcycled and painted decor. All was cheap or free. Adds pop and color! Stepping stones go ALL the way around the outside of tomato trellis box and back out the garden- For kid’s garden version of Candyland. With characters, and signs. Like Miss Sweet Pea. Mr Tomato. Etc. They roll one dice that says “Go ahead”, “Go Back”, “Lose a turn”(There’s more, “Go ahead”, on dice!). Another dice that has the colors of stones.
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Upcycling for a Table

You can very well stain this with a design on top. I did that, it’s BEAUTIFUL! But, I never photographed it done. Will do someday. When I get around to it…

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Updo those Oldies

With this I used a wood grain tool. Cheap few dollar tool from Home Depot, I believe. I did a coat of white, then quickly wood grained over it, with a rocking motion. Allowing underneath color to be the color of the grain.
shelfb4While Painting:
shelf after 1Done. Just needing to put knobs back on.
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