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Some Doggie DIYs

I thought I’d share some DEEOHHGEE tips I found useful since getting our Pup.

I’ve learned so much about Large Breeds, since getting our St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix. They NEED Large Breed Puppy Food to help along the quick growing. Even the later Neutering to help with growth (Hormones).

Reading TONS and TONS of info online… I’ve come to the conclusion that DIAMOND Dog Food is for us. Yes, I’m aware of the Recalls! But, seeing as his parents and he was already on DIAMOND. Annnd, our recent Family Dog did wonders on DIAMOND (Only food he could eat! The Enzymes helped his Stomach)… We decided to stick with it.
One downfall I’ve read about DIAMOND was that: For the price comparison to others similar, it was LOWER in Protein.

So, keeping that in mind. I started with some Protein Treats to help make up for it.
A few of MANY things I do:
– Dehydrated Sweet Potato with Smidge of 100% Peanut Butter with No additives, not even added Oil.
Slice Sweet Potatoes. Soak in White Vinegar and Water. Some I also sprayed with Lemon Juice, some I didn’t. Place on Dehydrator trays. Dehydrate overnight. I have kids break up to pieces and spread a very lil PB on them. They feed him. Bonding and Deliciousness!

– Slight Sunny Side Up Egg mixed into his first cup of Pup Food for the Day.
Making Many options to keep him protein happy. And, never boring.

 – NOW, for the Toys. I paid only $4 for all the below! Getting idears online, with my own twists, using Old Socks (I save for Dust Rags, anyway). Old Victoria Secret Yoga Pants (Has the PERFECT Stretch and Material for it!). Dollar Store Toys. And, some Regular Tennis Balls. Many Options and types keeps him happily entertained!
1.) A few Dollar Store Items for him to Choose from.
2.) A Tennis Ball with a Small Slit or X shape cut. Stick Treats inside.
3.) A long strip of Victoria Secret Pants. Wrap around your hand til it’s all wrapped around. Take another strip, tie the Center, nice and tight. Making an 8 shape (As, my “Talented” drawing shows). Cut the ends of the 8. I also tied some of those strands together to create more of a ball.
4.) Knot a sock nice and tight. Place into another sock. Knot it off. (Looks like tennis ball in it, it’s not. It’s another sock, knotted.)
5.) Knotted Sock Rope.
6.) Place small slits or Xs on opposite sides of Tennis Ball. Push (I used Pencil) Victoria Secret Yoga Pant LEG through holes. Knot off til ends.
This one uses two pant legs of Victoria Secret’s Yoga Pants. I had old Swing loop screw/bolt, screwed into tree stump. Tightly knotted one leg end to it. The other pants leg, I knotted all the way across it (Like #6 in last photo). Then, I tied the leg from tree to the center of the one similar to #6 (In last photo). I had to tie his favorite stick to it, to get him to realize it was HIS Toy and what it did… Which was Tug A War!