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tTt’s Chicks (tTt’s Chicken Bites)


Sweet Chili Sauce:
1/3c Chili Sauce (The Ketchup aisle stuff)
2/3c Sweet Thai Chili Sauce (Asian aisle)

Hot Honey Sauce (From our Hot Honey Flaps):
1/3c Louisiana Hot Sauce
1/3c Honey
1T Butter

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Batter (Was enough for 3 batches):
2 Eggs
Up to 2/3c Cornstarch
1/3c Oil (For Frying)

Cut up thawed Chicken Breasts. Add to bowl of Cornstarch, rolling each around, one at a time. Beat Eggs, pour over bowl of Cornstarched Chicken. Give a quick toss to distribute the Egg around, NOT TOO MUCH Mixing.
Heat Oil. Place each in, one at a time, and brown each side, til cooked. Once cooked, toss with Sauce of Choosing.
Potatoes: Slice thin-ish. I soaked in COLD Water + a lil Vinegar. Bake in Oven til browned, flipping halfway. PRE, or Post, Cooking- Season with Seasons of Choice (Salt/Pepper. Dill/Salt/Pepper/Chives), etc.

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Healthier Options: Use Coconut Oil. Skip Batter process, just toss Cooked Chicken with Sauce of Choice.
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Kicking Angels (Sweet and Spicy Chili Chicken Wraps)


Boneless Chicken Breasts, thawed
1/4c Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, or to taste
1 can Green Chiles, slight drain
1/4c Carrot, grated
1/3c Celery, cut long way then sliced small

Two ways of eating these *SEE NOTES:
1.) Wraps:
In Butter Flavored Cooking Sprayed pan, lay chicken. Top with Chili Sauce, Green Chiles, and Celery. Bake, covered, 425 for 45min. Allow to set few minutes when done. Lay onto wrap of choice (We used Lettuce). Top with Fresh Sliced Onions and Grated Carrot.
Optional (WE DID!): Top with a little Coleslaw that was tossed with a little Kraft Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing (A little goes a long way!).

2.) Over Rice (Cooked in Broth):
In Butter Flavored Cooking Sprayed pan, lay chicken. Top with rest of ingredients. Bake 425, covered, for about 45minutes. Allow to set few minutes when done. Serve over Rice cooked in Chicken Broth and sprinkle of Pepper.

*NOTES: You can very well try boiling chicken (Maybe with Broth Cubes…?). Once cooked, remove chicken. Then, mix in rest. Cuts time in half.
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