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Smoked Bone-In Turkey Breast


Blended Fresh Garlic, rub outside Turkey.
Sprinkle outside with good amount Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

Cavity Rub (Premix, rub around inside cavity):
1T Garlic Powder
1tsp Onion Powder
1/2T Salt
1tsp Pepper
1/4c-1/3c Butter, not melted, but smooth to rub onto.

Cavity Juice (Premix and place inside cavity):
1c Broth
2T Apple Cider Vinegar
2T Brown Sugar
2T Molasses
2T Honey

Hickory Wood Chips

Remove Turkey about 1 hr prior to cooking. Rinse and pat dry.
Rub outside with Crushed/Blended Garlic.
Season just the top with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
Rub inside/cavity with Cavity Rub.
Add Turkey to Foil Pan.
Pour Cavity Juice into Turkey Cavity.
Cover loosely with foil. So, Smoke can get in.
We used our Oster Roaster Smoker. We had about 1/4in. open on the Vent. We kept water in on the bottom. Placed in Grate. Put the Foil holding Turkey on Grate. Filled ONE compartment with Wood Chips. Turned to 240 degrees. 1 hour later we added the other compartment with Chips. Then, every hour we basted and added a lil more chips in. Last 15 minutes we uncovered Turkey.


Smoke 240 for about 30-40minutes per pound (We did 7.5lb Bone-In Turkey Breast for 5 hours) until internal temp reaches 180.

Served with: tTt’s Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes, Boxed Stuffing (Sautee Shredd. Carrot/Onions/Celery/Garlic in Butter. Add in Broth (Replacing Water it calls for).), Old Fashioned Lard Biscuits (Remember to CUT IN THAT BUTTER!), Beefy Gravy.


Smoked Apple Roast-wich


Charcoal (If using Charcoal Smoker)
Hickory Smoke Chips
Pork Roast/Butt/Shoulder
Apple (Gala), cored/sliced thin (Don’t Skip!)
Bacon Cheddar Cheese Slices
Buns, Mayo, Honey BBQ

Mustard Sauce (For Brushing. NOT TOPPING)
1/3c Mustard
1tsp Vinegar
1tsp Worcestershire
1/2tsp Lemon Juice
1/2tsp: Paprika, Brown Sugar
1/4tsp: Chipotle Powder, Course Black Pepper
1/8tsp Sea Salt

McCormick’s Grill Mates Barbecue Seasoning

1/2T Salted Butter
2c Apple Cider
1T McCormick’s BBQ Seasoning
2T Honey BBQ Sauce
– Boil Injection Recipe til dissolved. Cool Completely.

Preheat Smoker to 250. Inject Pork with Injection (I didn’t use all, but, most! TRY NOT TO SQUEEZE THE MEAT!). Brush Entire Pork, lightly, with Mustard Sauce. Then, sprinkle all sides, WELL, with with McCormick’s BBQ Seasoning. Wrap completely in foil, sealing tightly. Cook about 5 hours at 250 (I kept it between 225 and 300, most times at 250.). Using HICKORY Smoke Chips, throughout (I just did…).
Last hour, remove from juices and set Roast on the grate in smoker, to smoke. Add fresh chips. Smoke at 225 for 50 more minutes. Remove, cut up. Top with BACON CHEDDAR Cheese Slices, to melt. Add to Grill Toasted Bun (We used Whole Wheat), spread one bun, lightly, with Mayo, and the other bun, lightly, with Honey BBQ. Top with thinly sliced Fresh Apple.

Served with:
Bag Sweet Mini Bell Pepper Mix
Sweet Potato, cubed
Drizzle Olive Oil
Good Sprinkle Dried Oregano
Good few Grinds Pepper
1tsp Jalapeno (Optional)
Mushroom (Optional)
– Wrap all tightly in foil. Cook on Grill til soft.

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