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Liking the Homemade Febreze

So far, I’m liking the homemade furniture freshener I made. Recipes I’ve seen online, I altered a tad. Thus far, I like it.

I take 1 old Febreze bottle (Empty). I fill it a little with Warm/Hot water. Add in 1-2 small tsp of Baking Soda. Shake gently, well. I add in about a cap full of Vinegar (About 1tsp – 1T- Not quite sure, I eyeball it.). Stir well, allow to settle some. I add in 1/8c LIQUID Gain Fabric Softener. I sometimes add in 10 drops of Organic Lemon Oil Drops (*Optional– Depends on scent of softener). I stir some more. Fill most way (Leave shake room) with Warm/Hot water. Once settled, I spray furniture. Shake occasionally while using.
It’s near end of day, and still smells amazing!
Gain is about $3 something. I only use 1/8c each fill.
Vinegar, water, and baking soda are cheap…
I think I’m saving a good penny!

Update: I’ve used this on a lighter colored rug. My large, hairy, constantly dirty, dog lays on it. We had dirt spots on it. It was looking dingy. I used this on the carpet, when dried, I vacuumed, and sprayed a little more. After about 2 uses, we noticed it was bright and clean!!! No spots.

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