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Lean Mean Green Chicky Wraps (Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos)

Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

Lower Carbs Low Cals
3-4 Frozen Chicken Breasts (From 3lb freezer bags)
1.5c Salsa Verde (Pace Restaurant Lime Garlic)
1 Onion
1/2 Green Pepper, sliced
1/2 Red Pepper, sliced
1/2tsp Garlic Powder
1/4tsp Sea Salt
1tsp Dried Parsley
1/4tsp Mustard Powder
1/4tsp Cumin

Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Crock. Add all ingredients. Cook on low 5-6 hours. Or high til chickens done. Last 30minutes, shred chicken, and add back to crock. Serve on shells with Mexi Shredd. Cheese and Fresh Diced Tomatoes. Or can eat alone, maybe over Rice (Cooked in broth with a little cilantro).
Try Freezing: Wrap. Lay separately onto plate, sprayed with cooking spray. Once frozen, add to freezer ziploc bag.
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