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Lazy Person’s Tub Scrub


No, I’m not proud of this before picture. But, to date my tub’s a clean one, now that I found something that actually worked, and worked AWESOME! Bleach and scrub weren’t working. Just kept building up.
I’ve heard this before, but honestly thought: What’s stronger, bleach or the stuff you can eat- Vinegar?
Tried straight up White Vinegar in spray bottle, with quite a bit of Dawn Dish Soap. Give er a shake. Allow to settle. Spray onto tub. Sprinkle with Baking Soda. Give er a lil more vinegar spray. Allow to sit. Lightly scrub. Rinse. If still spots: Next day. Steam shower… Or just take a normal shower. Repeat steps.
By the way, it cleared my clogged tub (3 girls in the house) and my nails never looked so shiny after this technique!

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