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EarAche Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved!


I want to share a success story of recent ear probs in my daughters, 3 and 6 years of age. Also, myself.
Lately, I’ve been finding Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to be a useful tool. My chickens get it, and have never gotten worms or sick. My Parakeet was sick and foaming from the mouth while not eating. I added some in it’s water and food. Within a day, there was a HUGE turn around. Also, boosts my energy. Among other things…
My darling 6yr old started badly crying of an earache. Knowing she loves to get ear infections, and get them bad, we thought, “Uh Oh! Docs here we come!“. But, first I wanted to try something. I’ve read mixed reviews about placing ACV into the ear. There were great turnouts with mixing ACV with water. In which some said, “NO! Putting fluid into the ear will push it back, or cause it to worsen“. Making up my mind, I mixed this with my momma’s old trick…

I place two socks (1stuck into the other) around rim of cup (For easy pouring of salt). I heat salt in a skillet til it smokes, or is hot (Careful it can pop at ya). I give salt a second, and pour into socks. Tie end. If hot, place into another sock (I like those soft knitted ones), or wrap in a rag. BE CAREFUL IT’S NOT TOO HOT! Keep checking it. It can get hotter as it sits.
I laid her down with bad ear facing up. I took a baby medicine syringe, placed about .625mL of straight up (Not diluted) ORGANIC BRAGGS Apple Cider Vinegar into the ear, I massaged around the outside by cheek bone and ear for about 10 seconds. I then had her sit up for about a minute. Then, I had her lay on her side, bad ear facing down, directly onto the heated salt sock. Throughout the day I reheated her salt sock to lay on it. I only did ACV (Followed with heated sock) with eldest’s ear twice, early & later that day.
Next day, there was tons of gunk in outer ear, and NOT another complaint of pain. It just disappeared! My youngest, 3yr old, then started to complain. I did the same thing, ACV only once (With heated sock). Next day, gunk. No complaints! No pumping of unneeded antibiotics… This time!
UPDATE: I have used this on myself, my son, and my daughters both complained about their opposite ear. Again, 1 day. Only one treatment of ACV this time around. And, a heated sock throughout the day. It worked!
Note: I’m not in any way a doctor. I’m just a mother sharing my experience with this. Every child is different, reacts different. You should always consult a doctor, and use your motherly/fatherly instincts.

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