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Posole / Pozole (Delicious Hominy Soup/Stew)

1-2lb Pork, I used shoulder w/ bone
4 Chicken Broth Cubes + 4c Water
2 Beef Broth Cubes + 2c Water
1c Green Enchilada Sauce (I used Carlita)
2cans Hominy, drained
3c bagged Coleslaw Mix
1 Avocado, diced SMALL
3 Radishes, sliced thin
1 Onion
1 Poblano, chopped
2tsp packed Garlic Cloves, minced
2 Dried Bay Leaves
1/4tsp Sea Salt
1tsp Cumin
1/2tsp Red Pepper Flakes
2tsp Dried Oregano
1/4tsp Black Pepper
1/4tsp Dried Mint

Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Crock. Add all. Cook on Low 8-10 hours. Serve with TORTILLA CHIPS! YES, Do!

*Notes: Absolutely try the recipe above, as is. But, other options are: 1/2tsp Chili Powder is optional- I skip. Replacing the Enchilada Sauce (Which is BEST) with Tomatillo Salsa (Tomatillo Salsa must contain green chiles in ingredients). 1/2c Frozen Corn, thawed is optional. Upping the salt to 1/2tsp, is also an option for my salty fans.
Remove Bay Leaves prior to serving- I leave in, just don’t eat them. Just a flavor enhancer.

Optional: Serve with Rice (Cooked in Chicken Broth) with Cilantro. We skipped!
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