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HIDE those UGLY Plungers (Another Great Post for in between Delicious Recipes, right?)


We like the plunger we have. When… when… the Throne backs up, no one likes standing over it for a long time, plunging it. So, a while ago, we got ourselves an accordion type plunger. Works great, less time. But, stores DON’T have storage that fit these. So, got my DIY cap on. And, here it is!
Menard’s MINI Trash Can (With REMOVABLE Inner Container – EASY CLEANING!)– Under $10
Cut hole ALONG edge (To fit handle) with Razor Blade (Careful!)
Compact, Clean, Visually better than a Plunger just sitting there! You can even doll it up with Paint or a Durable Modge Podge job.
Bam! Done! You’re Welcome!
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