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EASY DIY Plant Tower

Plant Crate Tower

I love saving money! I love getting many uses of things. This is a Crate Tower… You’ve seen those wonderful plant towers, strawberry hanging towers (The Topsy Turvy types) … Well, here’s one with crates.
2-3 Crates. Line with Weed Paper. Optional: Make holes bigger or use larger holed crates, etc. Fill with good dirt. Razor some holes. Plant FLOWERS, STRAWBERRIES, or BOTH!, Etc.  It will fill in nicely! Will even cover the crates,  looking like a Beautiful Flower Tower!  This will, also, protect strawberries from the diseases they get from the ground!

Note: I wouldn’t stack too high, unless you have a metal pole through center and into ground for support. Also, WATERING. Take a PVC that will fit through crate holes. Cap off bottom. Drill holes. Fill with water. (Or intertwine drip hose). ENDLESS OPTIONS!

Dual Insect Repellent & Fungus Fighter- Homemade


One part Skim Milk, 5 parts Water, few drops Regular Dawn Dish Soap. Give a shake. Once settled, spray every few weeks, don’t forget bottom of leaves. Helps greatly with preventing and combating mildew and those annoying insects that eat through your leaves.
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