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Instant Pot Orange Chicken

1c Chicken Broth
1 sm. can Madarin Oranges, UNDRAINED
1/4tsp Ginger Powder
1 Garlic Clove, minced
1/4tsp Valencia Orange Peel (McCormick Gourmet Collection)
   Add above to Instant Pot and Pressure Cook for 20-25minutes, sealed. Vent. Remove
Chicken, cut up, set aside.
In the Instant Pot add:

1T Rice Vinegar
1T Lemon Juice
2T Soy Sauce
1/4c Brown Sugar
OPTIONAL: 1/4-1tsp Red Pepper Flakes, or to taste
   Stir to blend. Sautee and COOK DOWN some.

   Make a slurry with:
1T Cornstarch
2T Water
   Add slurry and bring to boil, then, simmer until thick. Add in chicken.
Allow to cool some to thicken.

Orange-TAYstic Chicklets (Orange Chicken N Peppers over Rice w/Carrots N Peas)


1.5 pkg. Frozen Peppers and Onions
1 sm. can Mandarin Oranges, drained

Chicken Marinade
(About 1.5-2 lb.):
1/3c Soy Sauce
1/2tsp McCormick’s Orange Peel
1/4tsp Chinese 5 Spice
1T Mirin
1T Lemon Juice (Fridge 100% Kind)
1tsp Sesame Seed Oil

1/4c Orange Juice (100%, no pulp)
6T Orange Marmalade
1/8tsp Sea Salt
1/8tsp McCormick’s Orange Peel
1/4tsp Red Pepper Flakes

2c Rice
Water Rice calls for (Mine wasn’t Instant Rice, so, 4c)
2 Chicken Broth Cubes, crushed
Small shake of Garlic Powder
1.5c Frozen Peas AND Carrots

Marinade Chicken 4 hours.  Mix Sauce Ingredients, well.

“Next time, I ‘ll cook in Skillet. But, seeing as I didn’t do it that way, I can’t give you exact instructions for that. I’ll tell you exactly how I did it and will get up new instructions when I do Skillet Way (Should be easy- Heat Skillet, Cook all, and Cook Down Juices). Here’s exactly how I did it, tho:”

Butter Flavor Cooking Spray baking dish. Lay in Frozen Vegis. Top with Chicken. Pour over Sauce. Cover, cook til Chicken is done (I do about 450 for 35-40 minutes). It was TOO Juicy, so I added to Skillet, and cooked down juice!
Rice: Mix Water, Crushed Broth Cubes, and Garlic Powder. Bring to boil. Add in Rice and Peas/Carrots. Simmer til done. Serve Orange Chicken over Rice.
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