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Lice Prevention


In the BC years (Before Children), I only came into contact with lice once. My elementary years. Thanks lil sis! There’s 2 things that make me cringe and ITCH… Ants and lice talk. But, now, I have kids. Who are in several different classes and groups. We go to several play areas. So, lice prevention is even more of a concern for me.
When it happened, a few LICE notifications were sent home, that we never received (Found later in son’s room!). My son complained of a itchy head. It was hot out and my son was long due for a hair cut. We thought it was just the sweat and long hair. Come cutting time… LICE. Big lice (I always thought lice was needle head small!). The little I did hear of lice, were horror stories of cutting hair short, shaving for boys! Hard to get rid of. So, a rampage I was on. I went overboard! EVERYTHING in the home was bagged, thrown, or washed in hot water and dried on high. And still bagged for weeks. I even took curtains down! Kids slept on bed sheets on the floor that were changed several times a day! They still remember how horrible the bathing process was. With limited hot water to do it all! Then the tears of thinking of cutting my daughter’s THICK long gorgeous hair! We spent TONS OF MONEY on sprays, treatments (Which reddened their poor scalps), etc. And the embarrassment to have to tell people. Not until later I found out how common it was, people just don’t talk about it! Well, they should. Lice is not caused by dirtiness. It’s caused by getting it from people who are! haha I’M COMPLETELY JOKING!!! Kids will be kids. They share clothing, sit in close quarters, brush hair, they’re in several different public places encountering several kids, who themselves have encountered several others.

I came across our Regime from treating my scalp dandruff and itchiness (Not from lice). I started putting tea tree oil drops into my shampoo. Which worked wonders! Among reading the benefits, I read it prevented and killed lice! So, If it’s good for your scalp and prevents and kills lice, WHY NOT add some drops to the kid’s shampoo? Or even have a once a week bottle. Where they wash once a week. Seeing as lice hatches every 6days about. It’s easy. Add several drops (10-20, or so) into shampoo bottle. Lice treatment may need altering. Shake well before EACH use. Apply, getting into scalp. Let sit 5-10 minutes. Rinse. Condition. Done! A great preventative. Saves you $. My family has remained lice free since that incident, years. Or, just add a few drops into your hand and mix with the Shampoo you are using.
Good extra protection tip: I check bags immediately. If a note is present. I lightly spray their backpacks with, on hand, RID bed spray. They hop into shower (Bath for youngins). They use the tea tree shampoo for 5-10min. Rinse. They redress. I wash the one load. Done.
Click Here for list of other uses of Tea Tree Oil. With many uses, our small bottle went a LONG WAY!
Also, use with care. Not everything is for everyone. Never apply directly to skin, always dilute.