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Molcajete Mole

On a hot skillet, char:
2 med, Garlic Cloves, charred with skins on, then remove skins after charring
3 dried Black Ancho Chiles, deseeded, charred
4 dried Guajilo Chiles, deseeded, charred
3 Tomatillos, charred
2 Roma Tomatoes, charred
1/4c Sesame Seeds, lightly toasted. Careful not to burn.

1tsp Himalayan Salt (Grind in Molcajete w/Garlic)

1/4c Raisins

Seasons (Add later):
1/2tsp Onion Powder
1/2-1tsp smokey Cumin (We did 1tsp)
1-8-1/4tsp whole Cloves, crushed (We did 1/4tsp)
1tsp Oregano
1/4-1/2tsp Cocoa Powder (We did 1/2tsp)

1T Masa Harina or crushed to dust Plain Tortilla Chips or Hard Taco Shells.

In Pot, add 6c Beef Broth to pan. Add in 1 Head of Garlic and 1/2 Onion. Add Cubed Pork. Bring to boil, then, simmer 2 hours. Reserve Juice.
Heat skillet, char Tomatoes, Garlic, Chiles, Raisins, and lightly toast Seeds.
Soak Chiles in water for 30min to rehydrate, strain. Cut up Chiles for easier grinding.
In Molcajete, add in Garlic and 1tsp Salt. Grind to paste. Add in Sesame Seeds, grind to paste. Remove from Molcajete, add in Chiles, grind (I cut up with scissors to make easier). Add in Raisins, grind. Remove, add in tomatoes, grind. Add in all, except seasons, grind some.
Heat Skillet with 2tsp Lard. Saute paste some. Add in seasons. Stir in 2.5c, or to taste, of Reserved Broth from cooking Pork. Simmer some. Whisk in 1T Masa Harina.
Add cooked Pork to bowl. Top with Mole. Optional to add potatoes, vegis, serve with rice, alone, etc.
Even better flavor the next day!
Note, this does thicken up as it sits. Optional to add more Broth, reserve it until decided.


Holy Mole Chili (Mole Chili) – (Options below on using this to Make a Stew!)


About 1-1.5 lb. Frozen Chicken (Large cut/Roast/Pork/Beef, works)
1 can Basil Oregano Garlic Tomatoes, undrained
1 can Black Beans, drained
1 can Kidney Beans, drained
2 can Chili Beans, undrained (I used 1 S&W Chili Seasoned White Beans & 1 S&W Chili Seasoned Pinto Beans)
1-3T Mole Sauce (I did 2T)
1c Beef Broth (I did 1 Cube + 1c Water)
1 Brown Gravy Pkt.
1/4c Water
1 Onion
2 Celery, halved long way, cut
1tsp Cumin Powder
1tsp Dried Oregano

Toppings (Opt.): Pico/Salsa, Sour Cream, Tortillas, Shredd. Cheese, Crackers

Add all to Butter Flavor Cooking Sprayed Crock. Cook on Low 5-6 hours. Eat Alone. With Rice (Cooked in Broth + Splash of Lime + Shake of Cilantro).

 *** Notes ***: I was even thinking of MAKING a STEW. Roast, Carrots, Onions, Peas, Celery, etc. 1c Beef Broth. 1/4c Water. 1 Brown Gravy Pkt. 1can Beans (Cannellini Beans), 1-3T Mole, 1tsp Oregano, 1tsp Cumin. 1/4tsp Pepper. (Debating 1-2T Tomato Paste).
But, Chili won. Maybe, I will make Stew soon.



Cooked Seasoned Chicken (I did Marinade Below!), shred
White Corn Shells (Not hard shells)
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
Onions, minced

Mole Enchilada Sauce (Makes a lil extra than what I used):
1c Water
1 Chicken Broth Cube, crushed
3T Mole  (I used La Costena)
3/4c canned Queso Blanco SAUCE

I marinaded and Grilled Chicken (BEST with these! TRY IT! Recipe Below). Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Baking Dish. Add a little cooked/grilled Chicken, Onions, and Mont. Jack Cheese. Roll*. Place SEAM DOWN. Fit all snug.
Mole Sauce: In sauce pan, heat Water and Broth cube up. Add in Mole. Simmer til dissolved. Stir in Queso Sauce, simmer a few minutes.
I DID NOT USE ALL SAUCE! I did about half, or so. Top over Corn Rolls. Sprinkle top with LIL more Mont. Jack Cheese.
Bake in preheated oven at about 400-425 for about 25-30minutes, til bottoms are browning slightly.
*I had no problem, so skipped, but, rolling is easier (More flexible), if you place shells, separately, in damp paper towels and microwave few seconds, til more flexible.


Tay’s Mexi Chicken Marinade (Best on Charcoal Grill! Amazing Flavor Combo!):
About 1.5 – 2 lb. Chicken Breast, thawed
1 Taco Season Packet
1tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp Cumin
1tsp McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning
2 Dried Bay Leaves, halved
3T Lime Juice (Fridge 100% kind)

Marinade Chicken about 4-6 hours, in ziploc bag. Last hour I remove from fridge to bring closer to room temp before cooking. Best on Charcoal Grill. Cook. Shred Up!

Grilling Tip: We build a hill in center of grill. Light charcoal (We used Hickory Charcoal). Once coals are ashy grey, they are ready. Place on food, on outside of hill of charcoal. Prop Grill Open, using a Slightly crushed pop can. Chicken: Lay Chicken on outer part of grill (Outside hill). Once Chicken isn’t sticking to grate, so much, it’s ready to flip. Flip once, that’s it. Cook til Thermometer reads correct temp.

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