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Lasagna of the Cottage (Egg Roll Lasagna)

Lower Calorie Lower Carbohydrates

About 8 Egg Roll Wraps (You can use lasagna noodles)
Shredd. Moz. Cheese
Red Sauce Spread:
1 lb. Ground Beef (93/7, Turkey may work)
-Browned, season with: 1tsp Parsley, 1/4tsp Oregano, 1/4tsp Basil.
1 and 1/2 jars RINALDI Meat Spaghetti Sauce *See Notes
1 can Basil Oregano Tomatoes, DRAINED WELL!
1 small Onion
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
White Cheese Spread:
1.5c 2% Cottage Cheese
1/2c Grated Parmesan Cheese (Store shelf kind)
1/16 tsp Sea Salt
1c Spinach, chopped small

Preheat oven 375. Mix Cheese Spread ingredients together and place in fridge covered. Cook beef according to above. Add in sauce, tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Butter Flavor Cooking Spray glass pan. Add a little red sauce to bottom, smear around. Add 1 layer of eggrolls (You may cut to fit). Add 1/2 of Red Sauce. Layer with Moz. Cheese. Add another layer of eggroll. Spread on all the white cheese spread. Add another layer of eggroll. Top with rest of red sauce. Sprinkle Moz. cheese. Lightly pepper the top. Bake, covered, at 375 for 35 minutes. Remove foil, bake additional 10 minutes. Broil, if needed, to brown top. Allow to cool 10 minutes.
*Notes: 1 jar has worked in a pinch. Use the leftover sauce for Our Top O’ the Muffin Pizzas.
YOU CAN use lasagna noodles, as well. Or Healthier-ify it with zucchini or eggplant noodles. Check out our other lasagnas, as well

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Cherry Poppers (Cherry Cream Cheese Rolls)

Lower Calories Lower Carbohydrates
Thus far Freezer Friendly!

1 can Cherry Pie Filling
10oz jar Maraschino cherries, destemed, drained *SEE NOTES
1 pkg. Low Fat Cream Cheese
1 Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding
1/8tsp Vanilla Extract
Egg Rolls
Powder Sugar
Coconut Oil

Cream together cream cheese, vanilla pudding, and vanilla extract. In another bowl, mix together cherries and pie filling. Put a nice line of cream cheese mixture onto eggroll, top with cherry filling mix. Wet edges. Roll. Heat Skillet with Coconut Oil. Brown all sides. Place onto plate and sprinkle powder sugar.
Made about 12-15 rolls. To freeze, lay separated on plate sprayed with cooking spray, freeze, toss into freezer bag.
*Notes: I did this with just filling, there wasn’t enough fruit. I had those cherries on hand. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO USE FRESH FRUIT, as well! Try Strawberry Pie Filling with Strawberries. Peach Pie Filling with Peaches, topped with ICE CREAM! Or Whip Cream. I always have leftover cream cheese mixture, use on bagels.

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