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ZucCandies (Sweet Zucchini Candy)


These are Delicious! Easy to do. Kids say they’re better than gummies. Not sure if this is healthier, but, it’s a vegetable! Great for those extra zucchinis in the garden.

10c Zucchinis, Peeled, deseeded, and cut small (I do about 1×2.5-3inch)
2.5c Sugar
2-3 pkts. Strawberry Koolaid Packets (I used 3)
3c Water

(DON’T WASTE PEELED Zucchini SKINS! Make our ZuSKINNIES: HERE! Healthy Chip-Like Snack)
In pot on low heat, add water, sugar, koolaid pkts. Stir til dissolved. Add zucchinis, bring to boil. Once to boil, turn to low and simmer 30 minutes. Place onto dehydrator. Dehydrate 14-18hours. Until they are mostly unsticky. Keep on trays til cooled some. Toss with A LITTLE powdered sugar, once dried and cooled some. Helps to keep from sticking when storing. (Optional)
***Save the leftover water/juice from the zucchini boiling. Add water (About 6-8cups, depending on sweetness liked). Drink up. Some nutrients from zucchini are lost during boiling process and stays in the water.

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