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Quicky Fruit Salad

Needed a quicky salad with what was on hand. So, just threw this together. Great and REFRESHING for this Hot Summer’s Day!

Watermelon, cubed
1/2 Sweetner Packet
1/8tsp Sea Salt
Small Splash of Lemon Juice (100% fridge kind)
1/4c Canned Pineapple in Juice, cut up smaller
1-2 Bananas, cubed (I did 1)
Up to 1/4c Zucchini or Cucumber, peel/deseed/cube tiny (I did Zucch.)

Add Watermelon, Lemon Juice, Salt, and Sweetner. Toss. Add in rest. Toss.


Wonderful Fruit Dip

Great with Apples and Strawberries!
Peanut Butter
Mix. Dip.
Also, great in between french toast.

(For Nut and /or Peanut Allergies: A few drops, or so, of Sesame Seed Oil in place of Peanut Butter)

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