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Attracting Frogs to the Garden

Frogs can be a great Organic Benefit to one’s garden. They eat pests, that otherwise put a dent into the garden and our comfort (Mosquitoes). With eating 10,000 pests in one Summer (Flies, earwigs, grasshoppers, pillbugs, cutworms, cuke beetles, AND MORE!) … I’d like to keep a few around! How we’ve attracted them…
First, this spot has attracted this feller (Or couple) for the last few years:
Our Split Rail. Cool, to watch him climb the fencing to get here:

This one was a project that our Handy Man made. 
Hollow Log- Ours has natural holes (Bottom/Right Photo), so the frogs can get in and out. Staple Plastic to top, allowing to dip down some.
flowerfroghouse2 Poke a FEW pinholes to help drain water. Add in Dirt. Plant Flowers (I did some blue variety and Marigolds- So, it will fill in nicely soon.). Place in shaded, cooler, area. I do in the back along trees of garden. When the kiddos find frogs, they just add them into the garden. A few have stayed, and made it a home! Plus, the Flower Frog House looks great in the garden!

Notes: Be sure the fertilizer and other garden additives are SAFE for these froggers. They are sensitive. Be sure to handle with care, wet hands! We also have a shallow birdbath nearby.
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