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Flatbread Pizzas (tTt’s Flatbread Pizza – Tay’s Pesto Chickpea Pizza)


tTt’s Flatbread Pizza:
Tay’s Redhead Flatbread (Recipe Here) or Flatbread of Choice
Red Onions
Meat (We used REAL Bacon Pieces)
Cheese (Mixture of Shredd. Chedd. and Moz.)
Favorite Spaghetti Sauce
Dried Basil
Dried Oregano
Grated (Store shelf kind) Parmesan Cheese
tTt likes to sprinkle edges LIGHTLY with Creole!

Prep Dough (Needs 1hr to rise.). Mix Sauce ingredients. Stretch, or quickly roll, out dough. Top with Sauce, Toppings, then Pepper and Oregano. Optional to sprinkle edges with Creole for a nice saltiness! Bake 425 for about 11-13 minutes.


Tay’s Pesto ChickPEA-ZZA:
Tay’s Redhead Flatbread (Recipe Here) or Flatbread of chioce
Sauce – (Blend):
A lil Olive Oil
“About” 1/4c-1/2c Chickpeas, drained
“About” 1-2T Prepared Pesto
OPTIONAL 1/8tsp Sea Salt (I skipped!!)

Red Onions
Tomatoes, chopped
REAL BACON PIECES or Turkey Kielbasa
Shredd. Moz. Cheese
Sprinkle top:
Grated Parmesan Cheese (Store shelf kind)

Prep Dough (Needs 1hr. to rise). Stretch out to size, I’m not pretty about it.
Blend Chickpeas, Oil, and Pesto. Spread onto dough. Top with Toppings. Then Cheese. Then Parmesan and Pepper. Bake about 10-13minutes at 425.
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Tay’s RedHead FlatBread

1c + 3/4c All Purpose Flour
1 pkg. ACTIVE Yeast
1/2tsp Sugar
a smidge shy of 1tsp Salt
1tsp Dried Thyme, crushed some
1/2tsp Cumin
3/4c Warm Water
1tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a bowl, add Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Thyme, and Cumin. With a hand blender, I blended some.
I microwaved Water to a nice warmth. Slowly pour in Water. Knead with PALM (Fold dough, press, fold, press, etc.) to a nice smoothness.

RISING TECHNIQUE! My house is not warm enough (Warmth aides in rising), so:
IN A SEPARATE bowl, I add an inch or 2 of Microwaved Hot (Not too HOT!) Water, I take ANOTHER BOWL and LIGHTLY brush with Olive Oil. Set the Dough into the bowl brushed with Olive Oil. SET THAT BOWL on top of the microwaved water bowl (This keeps the dough warm, rises PERFECTLY!). Cover with a Dampened Paper Towel or Rag (I dampen with warm water).
Allow to rise 1 hour. Some people press it smaller after rising, I don’t I just:
Cut off what’s needed, stretch or quick roll to size.
I Butter Flavor Cooking Spray a pan, Bake at 425 for about 10-13 minutes (Pizzas, Flat Tacos, Buns).
You can also cook in a skillet. Once it bubbles nicely, flip (Be sure it doesn’t burn)(Flatbreads, Pita types).
Great for Pizza Crust (We bake in Oven). Flatbreads (We cook on skillet). Burger Buns (We bake). Also, great for dipping in Hummus… Etc.

NOTES: We were going to add in Oregano. But, with having toppings that already contained Oregano, we skipped. Up to you. We would have done 1/2 – 1tsp.
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