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DO NOTS! Because you can’t eat just one! (Easy Mini Donuts Holes)


1 can Fridge Biscuits
About 1/2c White Sugar
About 1/8 to 1/4 tsp Cinnamon (Or Pumpkin Spice)

Heat Oil in Deep Fryer. Mix together sugar and cinnamon. Roll/fold around chunk of Marshmallow (Or use small ones). So Marsh is in center. Pinch completely closed. I can usually get 2 DO NOTS (Donuts) per reg. size biscuit. Fry until browned all around. Immediately roll in sugar/cinnamon mixture. Set on paper towel to cool.

Note: To save calories, you can bake. Just place dough around marsh. Roll in sugar mixture. Bake.

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