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How a Crate can Help your Canopy…

cratecanopy cratecanopycloseup
Many uses of crates. With a Canopy now up and recent storms. We weren’t too convinced that the mini stakes the canopy came with will hold it onto the ground. So, we had an idea with leftover material (Keeping it cheap!). Helping us to weigh this down and spruce it up.
First, we protected the pole with some black plastic, taped around it. Then doubled Burlap into the crate. Then River rock on the bottom 1/4.
Then some dirt. THEN, the Thriller, Filler, Spiller Rule of Thumb for Plant Containers. Thriller is a tall plant (Grasses, coleus, etc.). Then Filler, we just used Marigolds (Leftovers and CHEAP). Spillers are ones that spill over pot. We used Potato Vines… YES, we realize these get about 5, or so, feet long. We’ll figure that out as it happens. Maybe wrap around the crate to cover…?
Now, this is just a quick pic. Flowers haven’t filled in yet. So, it’ll only get prettier. And we are still managing this back corner. Leveled crates, adding to rock and mulch. Will be adding COLOR with decor. Etc. Up to Date photo coming SOON!
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More uses for crates


Here is a with and without photo of 2 plants in regards to using crates. Same plant, about same size. Initially, I used crates to cover and protect the plants, that I just transplanted, from Frost we were due to get ( Using crates over plants with plastic over that. Garbage bags work, as well. Just stretch over… That also makes for great green houses, or earlier planting for warm lovers CHECK OUT GREEN HOUSE CRATE IDEA HERE ). After frost, I took plastic off, but figured I’d keep crates on to keep birds and other pests away from ruining them before they were established. As they were JUST PLANTED a day or two earlier. Yesterday, we had just gotten a flooding amount of rain here. Hard pouring. I forgot to cover one tomato… You can see the difference.
Also, I noticed some plants starting to wilt from the sun. But, the ones that were covered had a little extra shade and were shooting straight up. Once covered, they spruced right back up. Note: I never broke them in… They went straight from my home and into the ground! No weening.
-Great Green Houses
-Great for Earlier Inground Planting for Warm Loving Plants (Melons, peppers, etc)
-Helps Provide a Little Shade
-Takes the Edge Off Hard Rain Falls
-Makes for Great Planters, especially my herbs!

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