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Effortlessly Remove Cradle Cap

Effortlessly Remove Cradle Cap
For Cradle Cap, I’ve tried baby oil, soaps, etc. I thought I’d share what worked for me, EASILY! Dawn Dish Soap, rag, a bowl of warm water (The more moist the rag, easier it works. Be careful not to drip into eyes. A workout headband helps).
Wet part of rag, add a dab of Dawn, rub to lather. LIGHTLY rub left to right, then up and down. For harder areas, rub Dawn onto affected area, to a small lather. ALLOW TO SIT, once you worked the entire area, go back to where you started, Re-Wet rag, add a little more Dawn, then rub back and forth, then up and down. It comes RIGHT UP!
BE CAREFUL when rinsing, to not get into eyes!
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