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tTt’s xXx Seasoning (Hot Seasoning)


2 lb. Bag of SWEET MINI Peppers (Orange Red Yellow mix)
4-8 Habaneros (We did 8, we will cut back to 4)
Handful of Cayenne
1 tray worth Jalapeno

Deseed sweet peppers. You can choose to deseed others, I left them in. Place all into dehydrator. Dehydrate until dried well. I let it cool completely, then blend really well in blender. Add to everything under the sun. Or, use to make Sauces, Rubs, Marinades, etc.
-I threw Habaneros on whole. Didn’t want to handles these too much.
-Dehydrate in ventilated area. Preferably outdoors. This process wilted my tomato starters sitting next to dehydrator.
-CAREFUL BLENDING, don’t breathe that in!
-Handle with care. Don’t rub those eyes afterwards… Or wipe wrong!

Asian Invasion:
1 1/2T tTt’s xXx Seasoning
1/2c Water
1/3c Rice Vinegar
1tsp Mirin
1/4tsp Sea Salt
1/8tsp Garlic Powder
1/16tsp Ginger Powder

Great for making a Spicy Asian Chicken. Make a Slurry, adding into heated Asian Invasion Sauce. Toss with cooked Tempura Coated Chicken (Or, toss with any cooked Meat). Serve over Rice. Drizzle over cooked cabbage. Dipping Sauce. Many uses.

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Sicko’s Soup (Cabbage Soup. GREAT for Sickness)


Had someone sick. Wanting to get something warm down their throat, I wanted to make our other version of Cabbage Soup, or Chicken Noodle. But, having to do with what was on hand. I improvised, and used whatever we had and using things that were beneficial in with it… Spinach, Cabbage, Ginger, Garlic, and Cayenne. With digestion help, antioxidant help, the warmth on throat, and other benefits. My improvising created something pretty tasty.

1/2 lb Turkey Smoked Sausage Link, sliced
2 Frozen Chicken Breasts
1c Water + 1 Chicken Broth Cube
2 cans PROGRESSO CLASSIC Tomato Soup
1 can Light Kidney Beans, drained
2 cans Diced Basil Oregano Tomatoes, entire can
1/8 tsp Onion Powder
1/8 tsp Garlic Powder
1/8 to 1/4 tsp Cayenne Powder (I used 1/4)
1/4 tsp Ginger Powder
1/2 tsp Ground Mustard Powder
1/2 Tablespoon Paprika
2 tsp Soy Sauce
2 Garlic Cloves, minced (Or 1 large)
1 large Onion, Cut large
1 small Carrot, grated
1 SMALL Head of Cabbage, cut into chunks
1 cup Spinach, chopped

Spray Crock with Butter Flavored Cooking Spray. Add all ingredients. Cook on low 4-6 hours.

*Try our other version of Cabbage Soup: tTt’s Spicy Cabbage Soup

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