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Breakfast – Ham’d Eggs with Baconed Avocado N Mushrooms


1/4-1/2c Cubed Ham
1/2T Butter
6-8 Eggs
3T Milk
– 1tsp Butter
– Fist Full of Cheese

Add Butter and Ham to skillet. Cook. Whisk in Eggs and Milk. Once mostly cooked, add in 1tsp Butter and Cheese. Cook til melted, shut off heat.

Avocado, sliced

Cook Bacon. Remove and cover. Sautee Mushrooms. Once mostly done, add in Avocado Slices to fry each side in Bacon Grease.

Tay’s Sausage FRIED BREAD and GRAVY

Mmmm Mmmm Tasty…

Freezer Loaf  (+ Deep Fryer & Crisco Oil)

Desired Scrambled Eggs w/ Meat
– (We did Eggs (Seasoned w/ Basil, Oregano, Pepper, lil Milk, chopped Onions). Cooked with Turkey Sausage Links, cut up (Or Pork Sausage). Moz./Parm. Cheese is OPTIONAL.)

Favorite Sausage Gravy (I used canned)

I thaw 1-2 loafs.
Cook/Scramble Eggs and Sausage.
Heat Oil about 375-400. Break of pieces of Dough and stretch out to about palm size. Deep Fry (I use deep fryer grated bowl to help hold dough in oil, helping to fry flat). Brown each side, place onto paper toweled plate. Season with a Garlic Powder and a lil Garlic Salt. Top with Eggs and Sausage Mix. Pour on Gravy.

tTt’s Sausage Egg N Potato Burrito


Potatoes, cubed small
Olive Oil + shake of Seasonal Salt
add to pan, add Potatoes, season with:
Dried Oregano, Basil, Pepper

1 lb Ground Pork Sausage, cooked with:
1/2 pkg. Frozen Sweet Bell Pepper/Onion Mix
4 Mushrooms, sliced or chopped

Scrambled Eggs+ Basil Oregano

Soft Shells
Shredd. Cheese

Cube Potatoes. Mix Olive Oil with Seasoned Salt. Add to pan, add Potatoes. Cook and Season with Oregano, Basil, Pepper. In sep. pan cook Sausage with Pepper Mix and Mushrooms. On Softshell add All (Including Mayo, Shredd. Cheese). Butter Flavor Cooking Spray skillet. Brown all sides. Sprinkle with Garlic Powder. Serve with Salsa and Sour Cream

tTt’s Hash


1 Jumbo Potato, cubed small
1 Medium Onion, sliced
6 Mushrooms, sliced
A few GOOD shakes of:
Dried Oregano
Dried Parsley
Dried Basil
A lil splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Regular Ol’ Sandwich Chedd. Cheese Slices

Add top ingredient to ziploc bag. Mix around. Heat Non Stick Skillet, I still add Butter Flavor Cooking Spray, add Potato Mix. Fry. Shut off heat, top with Cheese Slices. Serve once melted.
Great with Eggs, Toast, and Peppered Bacon:
Heat oven. Lay Lined in pan on top of foil. Sprinkle, well, with Pepper. Bake, uncovered, at 425-450 for about 10-15 minutes.

Optional to add to Hash: 1/3 Green Pepper, minced. 1/3 Red Pepper, minced. Minced Jalapeno.
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tTt’s Eggnog Texas French Toast – Repost

With Holidays around the corner, I decided to REPOST our Holiday Morning Favorite (Or Supper). As far as I can remember these were made for Us, then the Kiddos. A HIT! Just had some last night, seeing as they just brought back the Eggnog for this time of year.

Texas Toast Bread

Powder Sugar
Organic Maple Syrup (The best!)

Butter Cooking Spray Skillet. Whisk, well, together Eggs, Eggnog, and a lil Vanilla into a bowl (I eyeball it. It’s the same making french toast with eggs and a little milk). Dip each side of Bread into whisked Egg Mixture. Cook/Golden Brown each side.
Serve with Sprinkle of Powder Sugar and Organic Maple Syrup. BAM! Done…
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Breakfastadas (Egg Burrito Enchiladas)


Meat of Choice:
Bacon, or Sausage, or Ham (A little goes a long way!)
Cheese of Choice (I use Shredd. Mozzarella and Cheddar)

Egg Mixture (Beat together):
Eggs (Amount needed, I did about 6-8 for 6 burritos)
Few good shakes of Basil (I used fresh, minced)
Few good shakes of Oregano (I used fresh, minced)
1/4 cup Mexicana Crema

A LITTLE spread of Miracle Whip or Mayo (I use Miracle Whip!)
A sprinkle of Shredd. Moz. and/or Shredd. Mild Chedd. Cheese
Onions, chopped
Optional Toppings: Minced Jalapeno, Chopped Sweet Bell Peppers, Minced Spinach, Fresh Tomatoes/Salsa, etc…


1/2c Tomatillo Green Chile Salsa*
1/4c Sour Cream

Preheat oven to 375. Brown/Cook meat of choice (Bacon, or Ham, or Sausage). Beat together eggs and seasons. Cook/Scramble egg mixture. Top onto shells with meat and toppings (Cheese, Onions, Miracle Whip). Roll. Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Skillet. Brown each side of egg burrito. Lay in Butter Flavor Cooking Sprayed baking dish. Top with shredded cheese of choice (I did Moz. and Mild Chedd.). Top with Sauce Mixture. Bake about 30minutes.
*Notes: Reg. Mild Salsa may work, too.

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The Morning Juans (Breakfast Stuffed Poblanos)

Egg Stuffed Poblano

Poblanos, halved, remove seeds (DON’T Remove stem)
1/4 Red Pepper
1/4 Green Pepper
1/4 Onion
1/4-1/2c Italian Cheese (6 Cheese-Or of choosing)
Up to 6oz. Ham*, diced
Season with seasons of choice:
– I did about 1/2-1tsp Basil, 1/2-1tsp Oregano, 1/8tsp Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 425. Cut poblanos in half. Remove seeds. DO NOT remove stem. You are pouring egg mix in, you don’t want it to pour out! Mix eggs and ingredients of choice (Peppers, onion, cheese, ham, seasons). Place peppers into muffin pan (To avoid tipping, or egg mixture making mess). Pour egg mixture into poblanos. Top with a little more cheese. Bake about 40minutes. Serve with sour cream, salsa, and taco sauce.
*You can choose to use Italian Sausage or Turkey Kielbasa, as well. Any meat you like with your eggs!
Using muffin pan:

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YEE HAW Fritta-TAW (Southwestern Frittata)

Southwestern Frittata

10 Eggs
1/2 lb. Sweet Italian TURKEY Sausage
1/2 lb. bag Frozen Diced Potato Hash with Peppers*
1 sm. Onion
3/4c + 1/4c Shred. Mild Cheddar Cheese
2T + 2T Parmesan Cheese (Store shelf kind)
1/4tsp Paprika
1/4tsp Pepper
1/2c Queso Cheese Dip
1/4c Grape Tomatoes, sliced
1/4c Spinach, chopped

Remove sausage from casings. Brown in skillet adding in frozen hash and onion.
In bowl whisk 10 eggs, queso, seasoning, 3/4c cheese, and 2T parm. cheese. Using a Buttered oven safe dish (You will be baking soon), add the potato mixture. Stir in tomatoes and spinach. Turn stove top to Med. heat and pour eggs over. Cover. Allow to cook a few minutes. Then do a slight stir of the bottom, to get eggs underneath. Then cook about 6 more minutes. Then top with 1/4c cheese and 2T parm. cheese. Bake in oven at 425 for 10-15 minutes. Broil til top is browned.
Optional: SERVE with 1tsp Salsa and 1tsp Sour Cream.

*I used Ore Ida’s Potatoes O Brien with onions and peppers.
***TIP: I’ve heard that a pinch of baking soda in with the eggs, makes it fluffier. Have yet to try!
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The Smoothered Biscuit (Egg and Bacon Biscuit with TOMATO GRAVY)


Giant Fridge Biscuits*
6-8 Bacon Slices, baked (Save drippings and 2 slices for gravy)
Cheese slices (Optional)

2c Tomatoes (Or canned crushed tomatoes)*
1/2 small Onion, chopped
2-3 Bacon Slices
1/4c Bacon Grease
1/4tsp Sweet Pepper and Onion Season (From Fleet Farm)
1 small Orange Blaze Sweet Bell Pepper, chopped
1/4tsp Sea Salt
1/4tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp Louisiana Hot Sauce
1tsp Tomato Paste (Optional)
–1/2c chicken broth (Hot) + 2T Flour
–1/4c Heavy Whipping Cream

Place foil onto pan, fold sides up (To catch grease). Bake about 12-15minutes at 425. Reserve 1/4c grease and 2-3slices for gravy.
Chop tomatoes. In stove top pan, mix sauce ingredients EXCEPT broth, flour, and whipping cream. Scoop out 2/3 of tomato mixture, blend in blender with 2-3 slices of bacon, til smoothish. Add back to pan.
Start baking biscuits.
Microwave broth til hot. Whisk in flour til thick.
Heat tomato mixture on stovetop, stirring in broth and flour mixture, making it a thick gravy.
Stir in Whipping cream.
Place egg and bacon on each biscuit. Top with gravy. Eat!

*I used Sunnys & Romas from our garden, hence the orange color. Also, you can use bagels, homemade biscuits, crescents, etc.

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tTt’s Breakfast Burrito

tTt’s Scrambled Eggs

Few Shakes of Basil
Few Shakes of Oregano
Black Pepper
Onion, chopped
Some Chopped Green Pepper

Meat of choice: Bacon, Pork/Turkey Sausage (We used Pork Sausage)

Cook meat. Then cook eggs and seasoning.  Add to meat.
Add Eggs/Meat to taco shells, with: Cheese, Miracle Whip/Mayo, Small Spoon of Salsa. Rolls burritos. Brown each side in Butter Flavored Cooking sprayed skillet. Optional to Serve With: Sour Cream, Hot Sauce, More Salsa.
– Or, Add to bread/bun/Bagel/Muffin/Biscuit. Eat.

If you choose so: On softshell top with mixture, top with, A Little: Salsa, Thin spread of Miracle Whip/Mayo, Cheese. Wrap. Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Skillet, Brown. Freeze single layer on plate sprayed with cooking spray (Don’t allow to touch, may stick). Cooking: Rub with wet finger. Microwave or bake til warmed through (I cover). Butter spray pan if baking.

EggTastic Pizza (Egg Pizza)


1 12oz Fridge Crescents
Hollandaise Sauce Packet, prepped (DON’T add suggested lemon juice)
7 Eggs
2 TO 3 oz. Velveeta Cheese, cubed
Up to 1/4 lb Chorizo (Or sausage of choice)
1/4c Heavy Creamer
Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese

Preheat oven according to crescents. Make hollandaise sauce. Set aside. In bowl, mix heavy creamer and eggs. In skillet sprayed with cooking spray, brown meat. Add in egg mix and velveeta. Cook.
In cake pan, spread out crescents. Top with desired amount of hollandaise sauce. Top with eggs. Sprinkle shredded cheese. Sprinkle pepper and oregano on top. Bake accordingly, mine always goes about 5 minutes longer.
*You can add whatever other toppings you like: Onions, jalapeno, etc.

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Egg on the Moons (Cheesy Egg Crescent Rolls)


6 eggs
About 1/4 lb. Turkey Sausage Link, minced up
1/4c Heavy Creamer
2 oz Velveeta Cheese, cubed
1/4 tsp Black Course Pepper
Pkg. Crescent Rolls (Egg Rolls, Soft Shells can be used-FREEZER FRIENDLY)

Preheat oven according to crescent instructions. Butter skillet. Scramble eggs with creamer, velveeta, and pepper. Press out crescents (I sometimes use 2 per roll, but, you can squeeze it into 1, as well.). I find it easier to press it out into larger triangle. Roll like taco, sides in first. Bake accordingly, until brown.
*You can choose to add onions. Throw in jalapenos before rolling. Your favorite toppings.