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Banana Balloon Balls

Seen a Deep Fried Banana Bites from a friend… Thought of the Balloons we’ve made over the years, and our camping favorite- Cones… And came to these:
Large Butter Fridge Biscuits, halved
Banana, sliced
Marshmallows, halved (Or tsp Peanut Butter?!)
1 Piece Hersheys Chocolate, 1 per biscuit
1.5T Sugar + 1/8tsp Cinnamon

bananaballonballs1Cut Biscuits and marshmallows in half. Place banana slice, 1 piece chocolate, and a 1/2 marshmallow into biscuit… BE SURE they’re enclosed well, no holes.
Roll in Sugar Cinnamon mixture.

bananaballonballs2Place into muffin pan. Bake according to instructions. ALLOW TO COOL some!!! Bananas and Chocolate get HOT!

*You can choose to deep fry, I haven’t. Roll in sugar/cinnamon mixture AFTER frying, tho. Not sure how the Butter Biscuits will deep fry, maybe regular biscuits, if frying…
Other Options:
-Sliced Strawberry/Chocolate/Banana/Marshmallow or Peanut Butter.
-tsp Preserve or Marmalade/ Chocolate.
-Pie Filling.
-Cream Cheese mixed with Fruit or Fruit Preserve.
-Cream Cheese mixed with Lemon Juice and Sugar.
-Many Ideas
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