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Apple Ale Pork Stew

An altered, and liquored up, version of our Apple Cider Stew. Apple Ale Pork Stew served with tTt Mashed Potatoes and Parmesan Bread Balls.

Pork Roast (I used Shoulder)
1 Redd’s Apple Ale / Beer
1c Water
1 Beef Broth Cube
1 Brown Gravy PACKET
1 Onion Soup PACKET
2tsp Worcestershire
1T Fresh Garlic, minced
1T McCormick’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning (DON’T SKIP!)
2tsp Dried Parsley
2c: Carrots, Potatoes
1.5c: Mushrooms, Onions
1c Celery
1/2c – 1c Frozen Peas (Add Peas last hour)

Add all, except Peas, to Butter Flavor Cooking Sprayed Crock. Cook on High 1st hour, then, low til all’s cooked (Potatoes are soft). I did high for 5 hours. Cut up meat, add in Peas.
Serve with Mashed Potatoes (Try tTt’s Mashed Taters!!!) and Parmesan Bread Balls.
Notes: As ALWAYS, I forgot Peas! And, I realized I didn’t have Baby Carrots, that I wanted to use. So, used 1.5c Carrot Sticks.


Parmesan Bread Balls  (Tweeked from Air Fryer Recipes)
Frozen Bread Loaf, thawed and risen
1/3c Olive Oil
1/8-1/4tsp Sea Salt
1/4-1/2tsp Garlic Powder
1/4-1/2tsp Onion Powder
1tsp Dried Parsley
1tsp Parmesan Cheese (Plus, more for sprinkling)

Premix Oil, Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Onion, Parm. Cheese. Set aside for 1 hour.
Break off dough into few by few inch pieces. Lay onto plate. Mix, well, Oil Mixture. Brush onto balls. Sprinkle with MORE Parmesan. Flip. Brush other side. Sprinkle with more Parm. Add to Air Fryer. Fry 350 for 8min. Flip. Fry for few more minutes.

tTt’s Delicious MASHED TATERS
7-10 Potatoes (Reserve juice from cooking potatoes)
1T Parsley
Garlic Powder
3-4T Butter
4-5 Chicken Broth Cubes (For Boiling Potatoes)
1.5c Sour Cream

Boil potatoes in pan with enough water to barely cover potatoes WITH chicken broth cubes. LEAVE THE SKINS ON! Why… Why do yous hate the skins so much? Remove potatoes when tender. RESERVE JUICE they were cooked in. Mash Potatoes, add rest of ingredients. Adding in 3/4c water/broth (That potatoes were cooked in), or add til desired consistency. Mash and Blend.


QUICK n EASY Apple Pies – Kid Approved

We’ve been making these for years! These are so easy. I know I posted this a long time ago… But, it’s too good not to re-post! This stems from Spanish Class making Fried Taco Shells sprinkled with Cinnamon/Sugar. Yum! Variations Below!

Soft Taco Shells (I used smaller ones)
Canned Apple Pie Filling
About 1tsp Cream Cheese per wrap

Coconut Oil

1/4tsp Cinnamon
1T White Sugar

Spread a line of Cream Cheese. Spoon on a line of Apple Pie. Fold in sides and roll. Heat Coconut Oil in pan. Brown each side. Mix Cinnamon and Sugar. Sprinkle around shell (Or roll in it).  Serve.
Optional to top with either: Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Sprinkles, Etc…

*** Other Ideas for these ***
– Use Cherry Pie Filling
– Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling
– Pineapple Banana
– Add some spice with the sweet Jalapeno Minced! What?!
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Delicately Dressed Chicks (Deliciously Amazing Marinaded Chicken w/ Peach N Apple Topping)

Lower Calories Lower Carbohydrates!

Chicken Breasts, thawed (I halve)
A few Cherry Tomatoes, halved (Topping- Optional)

Chicken Marinade (6-8 hours):
3T Soy Sauce
5T Apple Juice
1tsp Sesame Oil
1/4tsp Ginger Powder
1/2tsp Garlic Powder
1/8tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1/4tsp + 1/16tsp McCormick’s Garam Masala Season (DON’T SKIP)

Peachy Apple Topping/Salsa:
1 Apple, cubed small (I leave skin- Beneficial)
1 Peach, cube small (I leave skin- Beneficial)
Few drops of Lemon Juice
1/3c Red Onion, chop small
2T Sour Cream
1/4tsp Curry Powder (DON’T SKIP)

I halve each chicken breast. Marinade 6-8 hours (At LEAST 6hrs.).
No more than 30-40minutes prior to serving, make Topping. Place in fridge til use (Warm at serving, if like). Heat skillet. Cook chicken. Top with topping. A FEW Cherry Tomatoes are optional (I prefer without.).

Peachy Apple Salsa:
You can amp salsa with 1T Raisins, if you’d like.
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(Piggy’s Apple Stew) Apple Pork Loin Stew

(Forgot Photo)

1.5-2 lb. Pork Loin
1-2 McCormick Turkey Gravy Packet (I used 1)
1/3 T Butter
1c Natural Apple Sauce
2c Carrots
2c Celery
2c Onion
2 Red Apples, diced (About 2c)
1/4tsp Garlic Powder
1/8tsp Ground Pepper
1/4tsp Mustard Powder
1/2T Dried Parsley
1/4tsp Sea Salt

LIGHTLY butter crock. Add all above. Cook on low 8 hours.
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How you like Dem Apples?! (Cinnamon Apple and Caramel Muffins)


1 can Fridge Cinnamon Rolls (Made with Cinnabon Cinnamon)
1 can simple Apple Pie Filling
Whip Cream
Caramel Topping
(Maybe try a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, too!)

Butter Muffin Pan (Unless cinnamon roll instructions say otherwise). Smoosh the rolls into the muffin cups, making cups. Fill with apple pie filling. Bake according to instructions (Starting with lesser time, lower temp- Every oven’s different). Allow to cool a little. Top with whip cream and swirl of caramel topping … Done. (Maybe try a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, too!)

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