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BEST Bloodies!


A few ways we make ours, depending on mood:
Option 1:
In 16oz. glass add:
1 shot of Vodka (Up to 2, LATER, if needed)
Dash, or two, of:
-Celery Salt
-SMALL dash Garlic Powder (OPTIONAL- Split on this)
Little Splash of Worcestershire
Few drops of Lemon Juice (Fridge concentrate kind)
1/4tsp TO 1/2tsp Dill Pickle Juice (From Jar) *Or to taste
Dill Pickle Wedge (Stab a few times)
Add 2 Olives (Or 1-2 Jalapeno Stuffed Olives)
Fill up glass with:
Stir well!

Option 2 (We use smaller cups than above):
1 shot Vodka
1/8tsp Lemon Juice
Dill Pickle Wedge (Stab few times)
2 Olives (Or 1-2 Jalapeno Stuffed Olives!)
1/2 Mr & Mrs T’s (We use jalapeno)
1/2 Clamato (Or store brand Tomato Clam Juice)
Good shake of Pepper

*Depending on mood, the Option 1 recipe- I add a few drops of Louisiana Hot Sauce.
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