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CHEAP Advertisement to get YOUR NAME out there!


This is a cheap way to quickly advertise. Address labels of desired size, we used AVERY template 5195. Pens. I couldn’t find my super glue, so I used Modge Podge. I found sticking the sticker to the pen first worked better vs. modge podging it directly onto it. Unless you don’t mind holding it some. I just modge podged over top, 2 coats. You can you use sturdy clear tape, too. This is just to quickly get your name out there. ADVERTISEMENT IS KEY to any successful business or site! You can use funny sayings to catch attention like, This Pen was Stolen From, Left Handed Pen Courtesy of, Here Write This Down, Jokes, etc. Endless ideas to get them curious and want to visit your site. We kindly hand these out for free. You know those pesky form stations with NO PENS… Donate one of yours!

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