Pulled Pork-wiches

2-3lb Pork Roast
Orrington Farm’s Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Roast Packet
About 1/4c Brown Sugar
About 2-4T Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic, with Mother)
Shake of Salt
Good shake of Pepper

2-3c Beef Broth (Reserve 2-4T)
Favorite Honey BBQ (Sweet Baby Ray’s)

Place all, EXCEPT BROTH AND BBQ SAUCE, into a Ziploc Bag. Marinade 24hours.
Place 2-3c Beef Broth in bottom of Instant Pot. Add in Grate. Place a Stainless Steel Bowl on top of Grate. Add Marinated Pork, with all it’s Juices, to the Stainless Steel Bowl. Add a few Tablespoons of Beef Broth. Pressure Cook (High pressure with Low setting) for 3 hours.
Allow to Natural Release for about 30min-1hour. Remove Pork from Juices, reserve about 2-4T of Juices, discard rest. Shred up Pork. Add in 2-4T Reserved Juices. Mix in 3/4 bottle of your favorite Honey BBQ Sauce. Top onto buns.
Optional to add 1/4tsp, or so, Liquid Smoke when Marinating.


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