Beef Stew, the Ol School Way

Using freshly grown from Garden (Thanks Momma!) Err-thang, but 4 ingredients is fresh.

6 mini Sirloin Steaks Salt and Peppered, allow to set in fridge.
Dip Steaks in Flour.
In pan (Large enough to fit vegis, too) Sear each side in heated Grapeseed Oil.
Remove Steaks from pan and set aside.
Add into pan (Do not clean Steak remnants):
Potatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Minced Garlic, Carrots.
Sweat the vegis.
Add in 2 good pinches of Dried FRESH Rosemary and 1 good pinch of Thyme.
1 – 1.5tsp Salt.
Add in 1c Red Wine (Merlot).
Mix 2c Beef Broth.
with with 2T Worcestershire (Or Balsamic Vinegar-I did Worcestershire).
Bring to a good boil. Add to warmed Crock Pot.
Stir in 2T Roasted Tomato Paste (I roasted in pan I used to cook meat/sweat vegis).
Cook on High 1st hour, then, low for 3 hours.


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