Smaller Rooms Revamped on a Budget

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Making the best of smaller rooms! Creativity and style on a Budget.
Photos above are of my kiddos new revamped rooms. I never like to spend too much money on decorating, if I don’t need to. Cutting costs with upcycling, DIY artwork, sales, etc.  I’m still tweeking and deciding on artwork (DIY artwork, of course!), so, it’s not close to being completed. But, this is the jist of it… A complete makeover. A total swapping of a boys and girls room. I spent about $180 for 3 rooms (Including my family room- Not photoed. (UPDATE: Saved $20 on pillow selections. So, $160!). That’s bed transformations/pillows, decor, a few office supplies they needed, rugs, paint/supplies, etc. Paint was my ONLY splurge at a whopping $60, so that took up the majority of the budget. 1/3 of the budget! But, a good paint lasts a LONG TIME. MANY Projects! And, saves the hassle of bad paint jobs and saves on time. My son’s room was done with 2 coats … NO PRIMER, over purple! So, you could make this cheaper with a cheaper paint. I also could have saved about $30, or more, dollars for shopping online for my daughter’s carpet, curtains, and sheet set.  But, wanted to get the rooms done NOW vs. waiting and trying to order certain colors online. So, that, I would insist on for saving even more $.
Cool Idears:
– Taller custom made beds. We built the frame with wood on sale (Simple frame). Bought the nice Foam mattresses with a protecting sheet. I cut it with a razor blade to fit. Re-sew the cover. I do lay a cardboard box on top of wood and under mattress. I used sheet secures, from Dollar Tree, to hold the sheet on snug. Bam! Done! This, also, allowed us to make the bed high enough to push a toy box, or storage bin under, for extra storage!
Note: Use those sample rugs pieces from Menards to place under bed legs, to protect wood floor.

– Sheet sets on sale, tying in older bed sets. Looks New and Updated… But, the only thing new is the sheets! Above, is my daughter’s old blanket, with added new color sheets. Her blanket had yellow on it, so I painted some decor yellow, to tie it in.

– Repaint old decor, even ugly Knick Knacks or ugly home decor (Like statues, etc.) … Repainted. I love old paintings, paint frame with modern color. Done. Use your creativity to tie colors that usually don’t go together… Together. I made a design on the top of the desk using paints of colors I wanted to use (Already had!).

– Look for sales at stores. It’s also cool that our sheet sets and pillows came with cool ribbon I always save and reuse for another project, or curtain tie backs.

– Check out OUTDOOR pillows for decorating. They tend to be cheaper than the home decor. And, on sale if out of season! Annnnd, more colorful color options.

– I usually use blinds for privacy, so the curtains are for Decor. Color Pop! So, I buy one panel. Half it the long way. Sew the cut side (Or, use that no sew Iron On stuff). My son’s room, I used Cheap Burlap and sewn an edge to slide the curtain rod in. Or use Iron on trim. Cheap/Free! Do not be ashamed to use Shower Curtains on sale. I actually have shower curtains in my dining room. Looks amazing. Also, sheets can be sewn on bottom end, to slide a pole through, Or, use those ring clips to hang.

– If you have Yarn, you can save EVEN MORE, making your rug. Look up Pom Pom rugs, Rope rugs, etc. online. If a smaller rug is needed, check out bathroom rugs. Try foam puzzle mats, as well. Paint an old rug.

– Add shelves to closet, ridding of dressers. If you have dressers, utilize your closet, as we did, for a reading nook. Shelves on top, holds books and items. A bench below with a cushion and a light, for a reading/writing nook. Or add in a desk/table for a homework nook. Utilizing spaces works fantastic. The old room, for my daughters (Which is my son’s new room photoed above) I fit, 2 girls, 2 dressers, 2 beds, end table, tv, toy boxes, a reading nook UNDER THE BED with a lounger/mini library/and a light to brighten it up under there. And, you wouldn’t have known, because their bed skirts were custom sewn to cover it all. They had an L shape bed that went in the corner and was high enough to fit it under. They… AND, their friends LOVED it. Make a custom Bed skirt that has windows cut out, and a house painted on front. Felt areas (Like a flower box under window, that they can decorate. with felt flowers.)

– Utilize the backs of doors, with hooks for storage, whiteout board, chalkboard/art area, or hanging book shelf. The key is to have stations of fun. Back of door is a forgotten, and wasted, space. Utilize it!

– Old CD rack for lil kids books, Library! Bean Bag next to it… Reading nook!

– My son’s room may have oak stained branches (Free) as a hanging point for his artwork. Still deciding with him on for sure what we want, before drilling holes into the walls… But, tree branches are free! Going to use twine to hang them.



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