Cheat Day Healthier Options – Maintaining Fit without Knowing It!


Healthier options to give you that GUILTY feeling on your Cheat Days!
You can eat “Healthier” without the suffers of Cravings. A lot of these Recipes are Healthier than what’s offered out there as Comfort Food. And, yet, DON’T Lack in Flavor!
You can still get your Dirty Fixes! Just remember Moderation, and skip the extras. As a lot of these recipes are a basis for Healthier, with Healthier Options on Posts. But, these are a starting point in helping to cut back on “Some” of those Red Meats, Calories (Where other recipes call for more).  Not to forget, these UP FIBER. (CLICK READ MORE)

Better these Recipes with Healthier Options, Most Posts contain Healthier Options. Also, Skip the cheeses. Use Lettuce Wraps, Egg Roll Wraps, Cabbage Wraps, Thin Carbs, in place of Buns, etc. Cut Calories from Sauces by Skipping Sauce, adding Sour Cream. Replace Meats for Lean Turkey or Chicken. Etc. But, these are a start in helping to cut back on those Red Meats, cutting some Calories where other recipes call for more, and a lot up Fiber.
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