Ribs… Enough Said!


Brush On (Premix):
2T Balsamic Vinegar
1/2T Soy Sauce
1tsp Mustard
1/8tsp Liquid Hickory Smoke (Optional, I forgot)
Season with:
McCormick Peppercorn and Garlic Marinade PACKET
Onion Powder
Add to Pan:
Fingerling Potatoes
OPTIONAL: Last hour Brush on HONEY BBQ!

Premix Vinegar, Soy Sauce,. Mustard, Smoke (If using). Brush ALL onto Ribs. Season with entire McCormick Packet and then sprinkle, well, with Onion Powder. HALF WAY Through cooking add to pan (Around ribs) Vegis.
Cook about 225-275 for about 4 or so hours. Covered.
If BBQing: Last hour Brush on BBQ. Cooked uncovered rest of way, with BBQ on. Otherwise keep covered.
I like to NOT cook mine with BBQ. And, choose to serve with BBQ, or use as meats for meals. Wraps. BBQ Rib-wich. Etc… Like:

Everything Bagel
Cooked Ribs (No BBQ Option)
Shredded Moz. Cheese
Spread of BBQ
Spread of Mayo

Cut up Ribs. Melt Cheese over. Toast Bagel. Add Mayo and BBQ. EAT!
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