tTt’s Jalapeno Cheese Beef Stick Snacks (The Best Beef Stick you will EVER have!

THE BEST BEEF STICK I’ve Ever Had! And, I’ve had MANY!!! 
Per pound of Beef (I double batch, but, mix 1 lb. at a time. Then mix all together at the end).

– 1 lb. LEAN Ground Beef (Leaner then better)
– 1 Pkt. Cure/Season Nesco Jerky Season HOT STICK Variety
– 2T Mezzetta Deli SLices HOT Jalapeno Peppers (Jarred untamed Jalapeno slices), minced
– 3T SHARP CHEDDAR Cheese Brick, cubed small
– 2tsp Liquid Hickory Smoke
– 17mm Collagen Skins (Tubing for sticks)

I double batch, BUT, I mix 1 lb. at a time. Then, mix it all together at the end. Stick into your jerky gun. I just did one stick at a time. Got it to length I wanted, cut off, repeat. Lay onto Dehydrator Trays (I did 6 per tray). Dehydrate 8 hours, or so.
You can make into nuggets: Skip skins. Form nuggets and place onto dehydrator and optional to season, well, with Fresh Cracked Pepper. Pepper is tasty!
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