Geeky Greeky Salad (Healthy and Fulfilling Greek Salad)


3c Spinach, chopped
To desired amount- Lettuce
About 3/4c canned Black Olives, drained (I halve half)
1/2c Italian 6 Cheese Shredded Cheese
1/4c Feta Cheese (Optional, I skip. It’s in Vinaigrette)
1T Grated Parmesan Cheese (Store shelf kind)
3/4c – 1c Tomato, diced (Or Cherry Tomatoes, halved)
3/4c Red Onions, sliced THIN
1/2 can Chickpeas, drained
1c Cucumber, sliced/halved
1/2 Red or Green Bell Pepper

2-3 Frozen Chicken Breast
2 Chicken Broth Cubes, crushed + 3c Water
2tsp McCormick’s Greek Seasoning

Kraft Greek Vinaigrette Dressing*
 – OR, try our Caesar Dressing, HERE!
Texas Toast SEASONED Croutons

Boil Frozen Chicken Breasts with crushed Broth Cubes, Water, and Greek Seasoning.
Toss All Salad Ingredients. Top with cut up/shredd. cooked Chicken. Toss with Dressing. Top with Croutons.
(I mix above, then add lettuce, last. Til, I get to desired consistency)
*Salad Dressing is Optional, Ranch, or other Favorite, can be used.

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