Seasoned Tomato Slices

ENDLESS Uses for These! (Photo is of Pre-Cooked)

Tomatoes, sliced (Any works, Cherry Tomatoes are great, too!)
Lemon Juice (Fridge Concentrate Kind)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sprinkle with:
Sea salt (Lightly)
Garlic Powder
Fresh Basil, minced
Dried Oregano
Dried Parsley

Slice Tomatoes, thickish.
Start with one side. LIGHTLY/Barely, brush on Lemon Juice, then Olive Oil. Season with Seasons.
Flip. LIGHTLY/Barely, brush on Lemon Juice, then Olive Oil. Season with Seasons.
Marinade about 20 minutes, in fridge, prior to use.

OPTIONAL: Onion Powder.

A Few of their MANY Uses:
– Eat Alone… Or:
– Dehydrate! – YUM!
– Use as replacement for Tomato Based Sauces (Spaghetti, Pizza, etc.)
Top pizza crust with cheese and toppings, SKIPPING pizza sauce. Top with tomato slices. Sprinkle Grated Parm. Cheese. Bake.
– Top slices with Moz. Cheese and sprinkle of Grated Parm. Cheese. Top with Pizza Toppings (Pepperoni, peppers, onions, etc.). Bake.
– Top over Dishes. Pasta dishes, topped with cheese, then Tomato Slices, then Parm. Cheese. Bake.
– Mix bread crumbs, minced Spinach, and Parm. Cheese. Top over tomatoes. Bake. Serve with warmed sauce of choice (Like Butter Sauce. Alfredo. Spaghetti with vegis. Etc.)
– Top over marinaded Chicken. Bake.
– Top over Noodles cooked in broth. Toss noddles with: A lil Olive Oil. Minced Spinach. Seasons of Choice. Serve with lots of Tomato Slices.
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