Easy Breezy Greekies (Refreshing and Healthy Wraps)

A lot of healthy recipes creamy up dishes with Greek Yogurt. It creamifies, it’s healthy, beneficial, low calories, etc. I thought, “Why not add flavored…?” So, I’m trying out a few. I thought these were alright. But, everyone else loved them. So, I’ll share.

Wrap of choice (Lettuce, Cabbage, Flat Bread/Pita Bread, Soft Shells, etc.)*

About 2lb. Fresh Thawed Chicken Breast
1 Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Ranch Season Pkt.*SEE NOTES
3/4tsp McCormick’s Greek Seasoning
1/4tsp Lemon Pepper
1/8tsp Sea Salt, or to taste
1/2T Fresh Chives, minced
1tsp Grated Parm. Cheese (Store shelf kind)
1c packed Spinach, rough chop
5.3 oz. CHOBANI Lemon GREEK Yogurt (Last hr.) *SEE NOTES
Fresh Tomatoes, diced
Fresh Red Onion, thin sliced
Fresh COLD Cucumber, seeded/grated (Set in strainer on plate in fridge til use)
Shredded Moz. Cheese (Optional*)

Add chicken to Butter Flavored Cooking Sprayed crock. Top with Season Pkt., Greek Season, Lemon Pepper, Chives, Parm. Cheese, and Spinach. Cook on low 5-6 hours. Remove chicken, shred, and add back to crock. Mix in Yogurt (Or you can try mixing yogurt with cucumber and use as topping!). Cook on low another 20minutes.
Top onto shells (Or wrap/bread of choice: Lettuce leaves, Cabbage Leaves, Soft Shells, Bread, Gyro Bread/Flat Bread, etc.)
Top with FRESH Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese, and good amount of Grated Cucumbers.

Notes: I actually thought I was buying a Greek Season Packet. Then realized it was RANCH for Greek Yogurt. Not too sure if they are the same flavor, but, YOUR FAVORITE regular ranch may work. I preferred shell or breading for these. Try Mixing grated Cucumber with Yogurt and use as topping to top over Shredded Chicken!!!

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