Beginning of July 2015 Garden Photos – UPDATED!

(July 2015 Gallery Below, Click “Continue Reading” – I do this to not take up too much room on Home Page.)

Photos below were taken at the very beginning of July 2015. It’s coming along nicely… Thus, far…  You’ll see we’ve
already had tons of peas and green beans. Tons of cukes, almost ready to eat. A few Zucchinis. Quite a few large Peppers. Tomatoes, with plants almost as tall as me already. Still have Strawberries, among the TON gotten (Last year they came til September. I couldn’t tell you the types. Over the past few years, I’ve bought and thrown in!). Our raspberries are taller than the 6ft fence, just starting to come. Romaine lettuce that produced great supply with TONS more coming! (THAT I RECOMMEND EVERYONE to GROW- Still producing STRONG!). Corn is growing Great (I only have about 12-15 up front, as to not block too much sun/view). Plus, many more plants, including the nicely filled Marigolds and other flowers, because we don’t just want a vegi garden, we want a beautiful, productive, view! Which, I usually enjoy til August, before everything starts going downhill… Still working on that! Trial and Errors… Learning and Learning.
This year,  I will be attempting to mow and bag strawberries (Wish me luck on not killing em!), because I’ve spotted a few slugs. Even tho the strawberries are still producing, I’d like to take care of that problem NOW, for next years production quality. Plus, we’ve already gotten 8, or so, LARGE salad/pasta bowls full (Outside the kiddos snacking.)
Beginning of 2015, just starting to grow:
Then: Beginning of July, 2015:

These are of July 18th, 2015: 

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