DIY CHEAPIES – Travel Busy Keepers for Kiddos

With Vacations, we like to keep it cheap in areas that we can. Keeping kids busy is one of them. We usually go to Dollar Store and use Imagination… But, I think I can cut extra costs… Pfft… Cut cost at the dollar store… Now, that’s a Cheapskate! kidressuplogo

Here is an activity using everything we ALREADY HAD. Dress up the doll with felt on felt. Move pieces around to decorate her dress. Redesign over and over!
You’ll need :
Felt, many colors (You can’t see, but it’s Sparkly felt)
Glue (Glue works with felt)
Simple Quick Print Girl in Simple Dress
Beads, shapes, jewels, etc.

Print girl. Color. Cut out. Glue to cardboard. Cut out a variety of shapes of felt (Felt sticks to felt.).  I did lines, diamonds, etc. Glue jewels to felt. I used aspirin box and stapled to cardboard, for easier holding pieces to-be used. I stapled BACK of ziploc to cardboard, to hold pieces. NOTE: I glued jewels to longer pieces. The larger the pieces, the easier the felt sticks and holds to felt. Works pretty good, enough to keep my ladies happy on a drive.

Print Outs … They have MANY FREE prints available online. I print- Mad Libs, Word Finds, Find Difference, Mazes, Hang Man, Connect Dots Game, etc. 1 pk. per kid. I PREMADE a few below! Just Click and Print!
I try to fit 2 sideways per 8×11. I use back of pages for COLORING PAGES!
*** Quick Print Links: Activity 1, Activity 2 – More PRINTABLES Below
(Eccentric Coloring Pages, Would You Rather Game. Look for *** ).
If you CLICK ON PHOTOS, it will go into a gallery. There will be a VIEW FULL SIZE. If you click that, it will go to full size. You can save photo at full size for Easy Printing!

Other Printouts, I do Eccentric Coloring Pages on 8×11 paper. *** Click Here to Print BELOW Coloring Pages. These are detailed coloring pages to keep busy, and take longer than the basic coloring pages. They also have themed ones (My Little Pony, Pokemon, etc.). Below are for both boy/girl and for all ages.

Another Printout I do is the “Would You Rather…” Game. Prints 8 cards per 8×11 sheet. And the kids have fun playing. Now, I have a son. So, some of these are a bit gross… But, you should hear them laugh and laugh and laugh. Usually, I say, YOU GUYS THAT’S ENOUGH OF THAT TALK… So, it’s even more fun, they get the GO!  ***(Game Print HERE, just cut and throw ones you don’t want… I now realize 1 has a typo. Oh, well. The kiddos can enjoy the laugh at, the “Typo-ing adult”! Or, I’ll pull it off as “Educational”- A candy piece for each typo found! …Because, the adult MEANT to do that… Ha! Smart!):

*** Would You Rather Game PRINT HERE-CLICK 

Another activity is Funny Faces
I have a small magnetic board. I print an 8×11 with all our faces on them. I slide this print into a trapper keeper CLEAR sleeve. In a ziploc bag, I have cutouts with LIL magnets glued to back of facial features (Nose, Stache, Eyes, etc.) that I quick printed, colored, cutout, and glued magnets to back (Cutting up fridge magnets work! Make sure they’re strong).  Put clear sleeve with photos on top of magnet board. Now, they can make funny faces with our own family faces ANNNND use a dry erase marker to color on the clear sleeve. Wipe off, when done. I printed our faces first, then these (Below) in a few sizes to try to get an accurate ratio size. OR, you can just print out/draw Oval with Ears (Blank Face). They can make faces using the printed below (Which is easier). But, we find making Dad, Mom, or Sibling look silly, is A LOT Funnier!

(Photo above is one of the BDay Party Games we did with Bday Girl’s face. Pin the Face on the BDay Girl, SUPER EASY! 4-8×11 papers taped. How-To-Do on link. You can make a smaller version for traveling.)

Try our Wax Paper Sticker Book Idea:

Got this idea from my daughter bursting into an emotional cry over her stickers being used up. Devastation of a 4yr. old! So, I made a book out of wax paper. She can now stick her stickers, take them off, move them around. Store them on the back page. Versus The Stick and Stuck. Sometimes you can get stickers cheap, but there’s those days in which those Puppy Eyes want the $4.99 pack of Frozen Stickers, that only contain 1 sheet, you later find out! In which gets used up in less than a minute. Not forgetting if 1 kid gets stickers, they all want them!
You can trace, with Perm. Marker, pictures for them to decorate. Or a teaching tool. With spelling, where kids fill in the blanks to complete words, using letter stickers (I used address labels for black letters, bought fun letter stickers for them to fill in.). So many things that can stem from this.
My daughter makes all sorts of stories and is able to move them around for more stories. That I get to hear about for the next few hours. Which is quite hilarious, with her imagination. This craft expands the life of sticker use. Thus saving us parents money and the 4yr. old’s devastating loss of sticker use.

DIY Kid Craft Wall Art
Try our EASY Art Project, HERE!

Also, I find a key to keeping occupied, are NEW things. For a long while, before a trip, I try not to let them play games, activities, etc. that I plan on bringing. This way, they aren’t already bored with it. So, no Mad Libs, Funny Face play, Doll Dress Up, PRE READING “Would you rather…” cards, etc. Until the trip. Works.  And, I have a fun Lunch Pack, which helps to avoid, “MCDONALDS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…” It’s a lunch, snacks, treats, SMALL drink, and a few dollar store toys (Usually, another activity). Beats the Kid’s Meal.

Bam! Done. You’re welcome…
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