Even Quicker Chickie Wiches

(No Photo. If necessary… Picture a delicious sesame seed bun with chicken. Bam! Done. You’re Welcome…)

Mayo, sugar, salt, vinegar… BLAH! These make for QUICKER Chicken Sandwiches… Especially, with kiddos on break!

Boiled Chicken, sliced to slabs
Buns or Wraps
Tomato, DICED

1-2T Miracle Whip
Few drops Lemon Juice (Guesstimate about 1/4tsp)
Sprinkle Paprika (Guesstimate about 1/8tsp + 1/16tsp)
Sprinkle Parmesan Cheese (Guesstimate about 1/4tsp)

Mix sauce, spread onto buns. Add chicken and tomatoes.

Notes: You can amp this up with REAL Bacon Bits! Peppers. Cayenne or Red Pepper Flakes. Etc. Or mix sauce with chicken for chicken salad wiches later/On the Go. (If doing that, make a lil extra sauce, as chicken will absorb it.).
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