Get Your Kids to Drink Water!


My kids usually love water. I was big on giving them water. Even watered down juices. But, my youngest is head strong against it.
So, I went to the dollar store. Had her help pick out SMALL items. I cut apart the Stickers/Tattoos. Separated Glitter Crayons (If you’re cheap, like me, cut the crayons in half- They fit better, too!)
Every so often I drew lines on a water bottle. With each line I taped an item on. With each line she drank to, she received that item. You can also do other versions of this, having rewards separate from the bottle.
-Also, I sometimes tape these facing in, to not ruin stickers. Also, she loves surprises. (Be sure your kiddo does, too, if taping face down! … Or, just dull the tape’s stickiness by sticking to your shirt, then taping sticker to bottle.)
Another Idea/Version:
YOU CAN EVEN get bracelets and they remove one with each line. (Or the last line, as final prize.)
Or have 8 on a cup and each night they put them away (Back onto the clean cup/bottle.). Then the next day they earn them back throughout the day. SO MANY IDEAS!

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