EASY DIY Corner or Accent Wall Wall-Art




Easy to do. Different pine boards painted and stained. To get that aged look, use an old brush, preferably with dried paint (SEE I KNEW MY LAZINESS, of brush cleaning, WAS PURPOSEFUL!).
Endless ideas/colors for this. You can even modge podge decorative paper/wrapping paper, lace, etc. Glue boards together, using claps to tighten. BE SURE TO LAY WAX PAPER UNDER PROJECT (Easy removal and you won’t glue boards to surface.) I also used heavy objects to lay over to be sure it glued flat – DO THAT!!! Trust me! THEN, I stapled a sturdy ribbon down the back, to reinforce. You can put this into the corner, or on an accenting wall- One in left corner and one in right corner. I’m also selling these for $24.99 (Pair), +Shipping.
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